Monday, August 1, 2016

One Year

I started writing down something I did everyday one year ago. Now, its fun to look back and see what I did. Some of the days have random things. Others have more important things.

Here are a few of my favorite days:
-August 23: Broke the bowling lane when Jason, Melissa, and I threw 9 bowling balls at once.
-August 29: Escaped the heat of the indoors with Will, Wyatt, Wake, Zach, and Gabe.
-September 6: Had a photo shoot with Natalie and Lucy on a inflatable whale.
-October 15: Made guacamole with Kael for a mexi cookoff.
-October 29: Booed neighbors with Tillman.
-November 24: Made doughnuts with Francesca.
-December 16: Saw my friends preform Into the Woods.
-January 7: Lounged around on Target furniture samples with Lucy.
-February 3: Suprised my cousins.
-February 12: Blasted off bottle rockets with Hayes and Evan.
-March 19: Played tie dye tage for Catie's birthday.
-April 2: Went to a pillow fight in the park.
-May 14: Went strawberry picking.
-June 6: Made pop tarts.
-July 20: Hiked to Nevada Falls in Yosemite.