Thursday, October 6, 2016

Football & Sleepovers

This September was packed with a bunch of fun times. I got to hang out with new and old friends and family from out of town. I got into the swing of the school year with lots of homework to do, but I made time for fun.

I'm in my school's journalism class where we publish an online website. I got to see my first article go live and show it off to my parents. This class is by far my favorite class. The class is made up of people from all different grades which allows for me to become friends with people not in my grade. My teacher is the best too. She's super caring and pays attention to our interests.

My mom went to UNC, so we're UNC fans. The UNC vs UGA game was so fun to watch. We got a suite, so we could all lounge around and watch the game. It was great that my friend, Miriam, and cousins, Chloe and Claire, and Uncle Richard were all there. All of us are UNC fans, so we were all super bummed to see the Tarheels lose. All in all, it was a great game.

We spent a lot of time in the pool with my cousins in an effort to not waste the last moments of summer. Splashing around in the pool felt so nice compared to sitting in the heat. A giant floating swan made it hard to leave the water.

Before my cousins had to go, we decided to have a dessert competition. Claire and I teamed up to make a giant cookie with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate swirl on top. Although I did most of the work, it was a blast. My sister, Olivia, and Chloe made a frozen cookie dough and ice cream that looked equally delicious. Both of the desserts tasted great with everyone gobbling up all of the leftover cookie dough.
Over the summer I went to Cinnaholic, a vegan cinnamon roll place. I was craving it one night so my dad and I went 30 minutes before it closed. We got a tub of cookie dough that was delicious. I ended up gobbling it all the next morning after enjoying it so much the night before.
I went to a sleepover for BBYO. I got to see a bunch of my friends and hang out with them all night. The theme was "candy bar." Our bigs had candy and we ran down and found the candy we had been assigned. My big brought my twin and I boxes to decorate. Needless to say, we had a blast creating them. Separates was so special and made me so happy. Staying up until 3 in the morning talking allowed me to get to know some of my newer friends better.

My school had a retreat for everyone that was a blast. By the time we got up to Tennessee, we only had dinner and the night. My cabin ended up staying awake well past midnight. I wasn't close with anyone in my cabin, so it was nice to become closer with other girls in my grade.

We were split up into small groups as part of our retreat to compete in a mud race. We ran across logs and swung across platforms to get to a mud pit. It was definitely gross to be walking in thigh deep mud. Luckily, we were able to spray down before getting into more mud. Crawling through mud may not be my favorite thing to do, but it felt great to see a bunch of my friends cheering me on. I swam down across a lake and jumped off the lake with my favorite teacher before sliding down a slip in slide to end the competition.

A few of my friends and I decided to do paintball together at the retreat. One of my friends, Melissa, and I ended up on the same team, so we clung to each other. It was fun and all until I got hit in the collarbone. It stung really badly and I have a bruise from it.

On the bus back from the retreat, I sat with a group of people I didn't know that well. Elizabeth, Robbie, Poppy, Claudia, and Joseph and I talked about dream careers and music we like for a while. It felt nice to be around people I don't normally hang out with.

Two of my friends, Emma and Sylvie, were playing volleyball games one night. It was awesome to see them in action. My friend, Revell, and I cheered them on. Emma, Revell, and I stayed to watch the seniors for senior night. Josie, my other friend, showed up, so I got to hang out with her. All of us had a blast goofing off together.

One night Melissa, came over and we cooked chana masala. We were worried that we wouldn't have enough of the ingredients, but we ended up finding plenty in the pantry. The recipe made a ton, but we devoured a lot of it. Both of us want to make it again after enjoying it so much.

My friends, Brian and Revell, and I went to Ponce City Market. It mainly consisted of walking around looking for food and then all of us getting food from different restaurants. We ended up sitting by these people who were taking pictures and were extremely confused by us. It was pretty hilarious.

Olivia and I dressed up one night wackily and walked around the neighborhood. We looked really ridiculous, but we had tons of fun. Cars driving by were really confused by the sight of us.

My family went to the I heart Atlanta pop up shop at the W hotel. It was great to see a bunch of my favorite Atlanta retailers together, but we didn't end up scoring. The event was outside with the weather being really nice, so it felt fine to stroll around.

Have a marvelous month.


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