Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Give Kids The World Experience

Back in March, I volunteered with Give Kids the World Village for my Spring break. Give Kids the World Village provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families where the families go to themeparks in the Orlando area. Children and their families are provided with accommodations in fully-furnished villas, transportation, tickets to theme parks, meals, daily entertainment, and more. You can learn more about Give Kids the World here.

I was fortunate enough to volunteer at Give Kids the World Village for a week. Immediately after looking through the website, I knew I had to volunteer soon. Luckily enough, my wish of volunteering came true. I spent a week watching smiles take up kids faces.

In the week I spent at Give Kids the World, I assisted with lunch, cleaned the dining room, helped with a party, and helped bring smiles to the kids faces. While there, I got to meet some of the most remarkable families with the most resilient/strong kids I've ever met. It was truly transformable to see how bright and positive the kids were. The kids would around with a huge grin spread across their face as they greeted me and the other volunteers with a big, friendly hello.

One of the magical things about the week was seeing all the volunteers. I got to meet people from Emory, Georgia Tech, and UGA in a span of a few hours. Later that day, I met a group of high schoolers who were spending 2 weeks volunteering. I also met locals who spend their days and nights volunteering in order to make sure the kids and their families experiences are incredible. The most amazing of them all is the staff who do so much in order to ensure the kids have a magnificent time. No matter what they're doing, they always go above the extra mile to help make the day a blast.

I truly recommend that you volunteer at Give Kids the World Village. It is truly a life changing opportunity. I'm forever grateful to have spent the time I did volunteering, and hope to come back in the future. Please donate if you can to the wonderful organization here or learn more about volunteering here.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Step Into My Week: Mother's Day and BBYO

This past week was great. I got to go to the High Museum for Mother's Day, see my chapter's new board get inducted, and be with my friends. This week is my last week of school. I have finals this week. Then, I'm done with school until August. I'm so excited for Summer.

For Mother's Day, my family went to the High. I absolutely love the High. The top floor has the most amazing contemporary art collection. I could spend hour on the floor looking at the art. Contemporary art is so cool. I love how different mediums are combined together to create a whole new medium. Basically, anything that's unique is amazing is what I'm saying.

We also went to dinner for Mother's Day. My grandma and aunt tagged along for the outing. We went to a restaurant that had the most amazing bread. The bread was warm and had cranberries.

Monday night was my BBYO chapter's board states and installs. It was bittersweet to watch the old board leave and the new board come in. I absolutely love the new board. I know they're going to do amazing things with my chapter. It makes me so happy to think about what they'll accomplish next semester.

I'm off to study for finals. Have a great week.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Step Into My Week: BBYO Chapcon

This week's Step Into My Week post is going up on a Monday. I was too busy on Thursday to write the post. Sorry. I figured the post all about what I did in April would make up for it. If you haven't seen the post, you can read it here. I talk all about my school's musical and my foreign exchange student experience.

The best part of my week was Chapcon. Chapcon is where each chapter in BBYO has a sleepover at the end of the year where we celebrate the seniors, get life, and elect the new board. The night was a complete blast. I loved getting to hear the seniors talk about their BBYO experience. It made me so sad to see them leave, but I'm so excited for them. My favorite seniors are going to College of Charleston and University of Maryland. Hopefully, I can visit them. I was given life by the seniors. It was so sweet of them. I absolutely adore the seniors, so it meant so much to me.

Elections were amazing. I didn't caucus for any of the positions, but I was nominated. I totally wasn't expecting to be nominated. It felt so nice to be nominated. I lost, but I know their are so many opportunities out there for me in BBYO. The new board is absolutely amazing. I already have a list of ideas I have for next year. Their going to make my chapter even better, so I'm beyone excited for them.

For the last 2.5 weeks, everyone in theater has been working on creating our own plays. We got to premiere our plays on Tuesday. The entire night was amazing. I absolutely adored all the plays. All of them were amazing. I can't believe the plays were written in 3 days. My friends are so impressive! I'm so lucky to have the most creative friends. They're constantly blowing me away with their amazing talent.

That's a wrap on my week. I had several projects and tests this week since school is over in 2 weeks. I can't wait to be on Summer break. I officially have each of my classes 5 times before exams. It's bittersweet to see the year end.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Step Into My Month: Theater and French Exchange Student

This is a recap from April. The month where I was gone from Gold Clutter. I kept busy doing other things beside blogging. My school had our musical, and I hosted an exchange student from France. Well, here's a look at April.

The week leading up to the musical was a whirlwind. I lived and breathed theater. We stayed after school until 8 o'clock everyday practicing for the musical. It was tons of fun getting to hang out with the cast and crew during downtime.

Thursday night was opening night AKA my favorite night. The feeling of excitement backstage was contagious. Everyone was excited to show off all that we'd done for the past 2.5 months. The show was incredible.

The whole weekend was amazing. I especially loved theater dinners after the musical. We went to Waffle House and Taco Mac. It was great to talk to my friends after the show. We were all so hungry by the time we ate. We'd eat dinner at 10:00.

Sunday was the Senior ceremony. It was so sweet. The Juniors get goofy gifts for the seniors. Then, the juniors present the gifts to the seniors and talk about them one by one. Teachers in the theater department talk about the Seniors. I loved hearing what the Juniors and teachers had to say about the Seniors. I was so sad during it. I don't want the seniors to leave. They're the best.

My French exchange student, Aglaé, got to Atlanta on Friday, but I didn't get to meet her until Sunday afternoon. It was surreal to meet her after emailing back and forth since October. I loved that she was able to see the musical. I didn't get to spend much time with her on Sunday as I had to help with strike. Strike for costuming went by really fast. We just took everything off hangers and sorted it by color. I was so glad that it didn't take too long, since I was really tired from the whirlwind weekend.

Aglaé shadowed me in school on Monday. She got to meet all my teachers and friends. It was interesting to learn what's different in French schools versus American schools. She liked my school, so I was happy.

We took Aglaé to Steak and Shake on Monday night. My mom wanted her to experience the true fast food experience. She loved the hat they gave her. Aglaé got a burger that night. She ate a ton of burgers while she was here.

Tuesday was a busy day. Aglaé taught the French classes for the first half of the day. After, she headed to Lenox to do some shopping. I had to stay in class but I heard it was a great time. To make the day even better, we went to a Hawks game. The Hawks played the Hornets that night. We we're lucky enough to go on the court. We got to high five the players as they went out onto the court. The whole night was so exciting.

On Wednesday, Aglaé explored Atlanta. She went to Coke's headquarters where she got a behind the scenes look, World of Coke, and Ponce City Market. After that, we went to theater. For the first part of the afternoon, we had a guest speaker. He was a playwright from New York. It was interesting to learn what its like to write plays for a living. To celebrate the end of the musical, all of tech went to dinner after. It was a great time chatting with all my fellow techies.

Thursday through Saturday were spent on a segway tour of East Atlanta, canoed the Chattahoochee, went to the aquarium, and chilled at home. The segway tour was tons of fun. It was pretty funny to see a group of 10 riding on segways through traffic.

Sunday was a casual day. We hung out at the house dying eggs, made slime, made rolled ice cream, and thank you notes for our teachers. My sister taught Aglaé how to make slime. They made ridiculous amount. We attempted to make rolled ice cream but it didn't work out. :( Lastly, we hung out in Enos as a nice way to end off the day.

Monday was Aglaé's last day. We let her sleep in really late to help with the jet lag. After all her stuff was packed, we headed out for one last adventure. Cinnaholic was our final stop on our tour of Atlanta. Aglaé got cookie dough while I got a cinnamon roll. Needless to say, we both loved the food.

My French teacher took Aglaé to the airport but before that we had a farewell party. Aglaé got a t-shirt that all the American kids could sign. After everyone was done signing t-shirts, we watched a slideshow of everything we did throughout the week. It was absolutely adorable. I hated saying goodbye to Aglaé. Hopefully, I'll get to see her again soon.

We didn't have theater the week after the musical, so we had a lot of catch up work to do. That whole week, we worked on organizing the costume shop, laundry, washing the costumes from the musical, and putting them away. We still have a lot of work to do before the end of the year. In a few weeks, we have a dance show. After that, we're done costuming, and just have to clean and organize.

Wednesday night I went to states and installs for BBYO. It was incredibly sad to watch the N'siah and Godol of Atlanta Council give their states. As usual, they did a terrific job. The new board is going to have to live up to high standards. To end the night, I got an award. My love for BBYO is through the roof.

I spent the weekend volunteering. We had a fundraiser that we sold raffle tickets for. Last year, we raised over $2,500 from the fundraiser. Sunday, was a volunteer event. We we're supposed to have a Spring festival. It rained the entire day so most people thought it was cancelled. It was just moved inside the building. Only 25 people showed up when we we're expecting 300.

For my Biology class, we do a year long research project. On Tuesday, we presented our projects to anyone who wanted to come. My project was on the health effects of the vegan diet. I decided to get cinnamon rolls to present with my project. They were a smashing success.

That's a wrap on the last three weeks. Once again, sorry for not posting. I hate that I went so long not blogging. I definitely kept busy, though.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Shoes for Graduation: Wedges

Shoes that are perfect for graduation.
Graduation ceremonies are well under way. This year, will be my 6th time going to a graduation ceremony. I love them so much. They're so sappy with all the speeches. They make me so happy. Anyways, year after year the girls wear wedges. You get the height of heels with some of the comfort of flats. They're the best of both worlds. I gathered up my 10 picks for wedges for graduation.
Clockwise: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

These shoes are the cutest. I'm really into the espadrilles trend. They look chic no matter how you wear them. I might have to get a pair for myself. The OTBT wedges have been the it shoes for high school and college students the pat few years. I have a pair similar to them, and they're so comfortable. I definitely reccomend them if you have to stand around for a long time. I normally trip in wedges, but those shoes haven't caused such a problem. The pink wrap around wood-esque wedges are adorable. I saw someone on them recently, and loved them.

Which wedges are your favorite? What are you wearing to graduation?

Friday, May 5, 2017

Step Into My Week: Inman Park Festival and High Museum

This week has been a great week. I've been able to spend a lot of time with friends. I love getting to be with my friends. Great times with amazing people make for a superb time.

The weekend was an absolute blast. My sister and I stayed in painting on Friday. She made the cutest painting that was absolutely gorgeous. She's way more talented than me at painting. I love seeing what she creates. It's always amazing.
I went with my dad and sister to the Inman Park festival on Saturday. We sadly didn't get to see much art. Luckily, my dad got one of his favorite meals from a pickle food truck. I ended up getting a rice bowl with veggies. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. The festival always gives off the best vibes. I love seeing happy people, beautiful music, and amazing weather.

We went to Ponce City Market for snack on Saturday. My sister and dad got raspberry gelato from Honeysuckle Gelato. It's the best. I got a mushroom bao from the place next door. I love their buns. They always taste amazing.
After a quick snack, we went on the Beltline. We planned on going for a walk for a few minutes. It ended up being an hour. We walked to Piedmont Park. It's so cool how you can walk all over Atlanta because of the Beltline. It totally reminds me why Atlanta has my heart. #ATLiens
 Sunday was a great day. We went to the High. I love the High. My dad got a family membership a few weeks ago. Needles to say, I'll be going way more often. It always gives me tons of inspiration. The top floor has a modern art collection that I could daydream in for hours. I love the art in that area. The High has this amazing mirror that enchants me whenever I see it.

To end the weekend, I went to a painting class. It was one of those classes where the teacher tells you the instructions for painting. It was my second time doing a class like it. I had a great time. We made paintings of flowers in vases.

For some random reason, I didn't have homework on Monday night. I was totally happy with that. I decided to bake a cake for an extra credit assignment. I forgot to add water to the box mix. It turned out very interesting. The top completely puffed up and then instantly fell down when it came out of the oven. I need to make a new one, since I wasn't able to use that one.

On the way to school, I saw some ducks and the mama goose walking across the road. It was incredibly adorable. All the traffic stopped to watch. I hope it happens again. Baby ducks are so fuzzy and look so happy.

Theater ended early on Wednesday, so a bunch of my friends and I hung out. It was great to be together. The weather was absolutely beautiful outside. I love the weather in May. It's the perfect temperature.

Overall, it was a great week. This week really showed me how amazing my friends are. I'm totally pumped for the next few weeks. I know they're going to be amazing.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Graduation Gifts for High School Seniors

High school is wrapping up or nearing completion for Seniors. With the end of the year, Senior year festivities normally include graduation parties to allow Seniors to celebrate with their friends. This year, some of my friends are Seniors, and I'm already devastated for when they leave in August and September. To make me less sad about them leaving, I decided to get them graduation gifts. While I was brainstorming gifts for them, I came up with a list of several other ideas.

No matter where the Senior goes to college, they're going to need money. They're going to be exploring their new home for the next four years, and will want to go to every restaurant, bar, and clothing store in sight. To help make the first year less stressful, give them money to spend on something they enjoy.

Gift cards are a great option if you want the Senior to spend money on something they enjoy but in a specific category. To help make the gift more meaningful, you could research restaurants or stores the college students normally go to in the town of their college, and buy a gift card for them. It will be a helpful way for them to explore their new home. Amazon, Target, grocery store, and gas station gift cards always make great gifts that will definitely be used.

Quarters for Laundry
Most schools have laundry machines that you have to pay per wash. Save the Senior one less errand the week before they leave for college, and get them $10-25 worth of quarters. That will be sure to last them a long time, and will give you an excuse to not do their laundry.

T-shirt blanket
Make a quilted blanket from their favorite t-shirts. Whenever they get homesick at college, they will be sure to remember you as they curl up in their blanket. Several companies make them or you can make it yourself. Try and do a variety of t-shirts from all the different activities they've done in their high school career.

Monthly Delivery
Get the Senior a monthly delivery to surprise them when they first get to school. Receiving mail always puts a smile on someone's face so why not send them a package. You could get someone to deliver a home cooked meal of their favorite food, fresh flowers, or baked goods. If you're making food or getting it made, be sure to order enough food for the Senior to share with their new friends.

Metro/bus card
Depending on where the Senior goes to school, they will need a metro card or bus card to get around town. Save them the trouble of having to figure it out while on the way to their 8am, and get them a pre-loaded metro card. If you're able to, you should make highlight a map showing the different routes they will probably need to take. It will definitely come in handy during the first few weeks of the school year.

Card/Board Games
The first few weeks of college are a time when it's common to get homesick and meet new friends. Help them play old childhood favorites with their new pals by getting a card game or a board game. Pair the game with a few sweets to make the perfect game night.

Oh, the Places You'll Go Signed
A few years ago a Pinterest pin went viral where a dad got all his daughter's teachers to sign Oh, the Places You'll Go starting in Kindergarten. While you might not be able to get Kindergarten teachers, get the Seniors favorite high school teachers to sign the book. Years down the road, they will treasure the book as one of their favorite mementos from high school.

College Survival Kit
Pack a box with everything you think the Senior might forget at home or little surprises to open in the first few weeks. Pack a spare toothbrush, laundry detergent, and extra shampoo and conditioner in a box to put a smile on the Seniors face in dire times. If you want to be nice, sneak in some money, a gift card, or a voucher for something at a later date to be extra meaningful.

Printed Instagram photos
Print out pictures from the Seniors Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or personal library. You can arrange them in a scrapbook, order them in a photo book, or leave them as is. They will love looking at some of their favorite high school memories whenever they're feeling homesick.

Goodnight Dorm Room
This adorable book is an adaption on Goodnight Dorm Room. The book combines the simplicity of the original with tips for college to make a beautifully illustrated book that will prepare Seniors for college. I might have to order the book for myself after seeing how adorable it is.

Personalized Necklace
Order the Senior a personalized necklace. You could personalize it with their high school's name or hometown. Additionally, you could do the coordinates instead of names. They will always have a little piece of home with them whenever they're walking around campus.

Hopefully you were able to find a gift to get your Senior. Let me know in the comments down below what you end up getting them. If you're graduating this year, what do you want? If you've already graduated, what do you wish you got?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Lust List

I realized recently that I haven't bought any clothes since August. That's why, I decided to focus on products this month. The Kermit hat is adorable. I love how he's drinking sweet tea. #justsouthernthings The hand soaps are my favorite. I admit that they're a little creepy. They make me smile, though. This whole list makes me smile. May is going to have a difficult time topping this.
Giant Sticky Note // Sequin Pillow // Soap Hands // Rainbow Fire // Kermit Hat // Fringe Sandals // Little Book of Hygge // Poo Pourri // Decision Maker

Monday, April 3, 2017

Step Into My Week: BBYO and Theater

These past few weeks have been quite busy. I helped plan a volunteer day that occurred, went to a BBYO convention, had lots of school work to do, and so much theater. Needless to say, I've been busy. The school year is starting to wrap up along with a lot of the activities I'm doing. I'm excited for summer, but I'm sad for some of my favorite activities to end.

I helped plan a volunteer day for 300ish people. It was a ton of work in order to make it successful. I'm so proud of the rest of my team for planning a wonderful day. While my volunteer group definitely had a few snags along the way, it was a complete blast. I absolutely loved seeing a smile on a volunteer's face after they realized they were making a difference.

ACSC (Atlanta Council Spring Convention) just happened for BBYO. This convention was the biggest its ever been with over 240 people signed up. I absolutely loved every single part of the convention. Looking around the room, I couldn't help but smile after thinking about what an incredible year its been.

At ACSC, Friday night was dedicated to the seniors. They get to celebrate Shabbat with their kids. It was a special experience getting to look around the room as parents bask in their teen's love for BBYO.

After Shabbat, Life happens. I'd been looking forward to life all year. This was when the Seniors talk about their BBYO experience. While most people dread the idea of sitting in a room for 5 hours, I absolutely loved it. The seniors were able to talk about anything they wanted to. It was super sad to hear my favorite seniors give life.

Saturday was a whirlwind of random activities. This year's convention was themed ACDC, so their were a lot of rock 'n roll themed programs. I went to a song session, Beatles talk, and an arts and crafts activity. Overall, the theme was amazing.

Saturday night is super fun. I got to attend a program that compared the four elements to the four years of BBYO. It was a really fun program that I loved. The people who made it were super creative. Also, their was a dance. It was a black light dance. My friends and I had a great time dancing, but we all ended up hanging out in a hallway after a little while.

Sunday was elections. I had been to elections at IC so I was prepared for all the sitting. My friends and I had a great time listening to people give their speeches. I'm excited to see what next year's board does.

The last 2 weeks have been filled with theater. I've been staying late and working on the show on weekends. We've had a few dress rehearsals and they went really well. The show is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it in the end.

That's a wrap on the past 2 weeks. The rest of April is going to be tons of fun. It's weird to think that I have less than 2 months left until summer. Wow, time flies.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Lust List

I'm back with another installation of Lust List. This month, I've been loving inlay on home decor. It is stunning. Also, shorts weather is fast approaching. I'm obsessed with Madewell, so I would love to try their jean shorts.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Step Into My Week: Orlando, Give Kids the World, and Purim

Sorry that this post had to go live on Monday instead of Friday. I've been crazy busy this week. The semester is wrapping up with next being the half way point. I've had tons of things to do this week.

On Friday, our last day in Orlando, we had a volunteer morning shift. The dining room was jam packed. As soon as I was done cleaning a table, I had another table to clean. To say the least, it was a busy morning. I loved getting to interact with so many families on our last day volunteering at Give Kids The World.

The afternoon was spent at Kelly Rock Springs Park. Kelly Rock Springs is a beautiful springs that is supposedly 72 degrees year round. We had a great time splashing around in the water. The springs had a lazy river that was super relaxing.

Saturday was a travel day. When we got back to Atlanta, the Uber app wasn't working. It took quite a while for us to get home. We ended up taking Lift. The Lift driver was super sweet.

I had a relaxing Sunday of homework and volunteering. I had quite a bit of homework to finish before Spring break was over. It took up the majority of the day, but I still made time to volunteer. I helped out at a Purim party. This other girl and I made food everyone who came. We helped package and serve the food to 200ish people. I loved seeing the kids' faces light up with excitement from all the activities they could do.

I've been busy with tech all week. We've been working extra hard all week to finish dresses we have to make. The outfits are already looking amazing. I'm excited for when we get to see everything come together.

Next week, I have a huge service project going on and a lot of BBYO events to go to. I'm already looking forward to next week.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Prom Dresses Under $350

Top (L to R): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
Bottom (L to R): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Prom season is right around the corner. Lots of people spend hundred of dollars on the big night. I rounded up 10 dresses that are perfect for the night. Most of them are around $100 but a few of them are around $250 to $300. No matter your budget you're sure to find a dress you love.

Prom Girl, the website most of the dresses are from, has so many options. It might take you a while to search through the site, but you'll definitely find a dress. They also sell dresses for other occasions.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Lovely Blog Award + 7 Facts About Me

I got nominated to be in a blogger tag. I've always wanted to participate in a blogger tag, so I'm super excited to participate in this. For the tag, I tell you 7 facts about me. I'm going to hop right in, but I wanted to thank Marina Rosie from Marina Writes Life. She's a French blogger. How cool is that? I have an international reader. She posts beauty reviews that are crazy helpful.
I'm vegan.
My favorite color is grey.
I'm a Gilmore Girls fanatic. I'm on season 6 and am already sad for the end.
I am a costumer for theater at my school.
Tomatoes are my favorite food.
My ears aren't pierced.
I love the mountains.
  • Once nominated, you must write a post about the award! (I mean, no one's going to kill you if you don't but it would be nice if you did write a post about it!)
  • Share 7 interesting facts about yourself that your readers don't know! (Try to avoid ones like: "My name is Sophie " because it may be slightly too obvious.)
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers to do the tag as well and let them know you've nominated them!
Hopefully y'all enjoyed learning more about. I'd love to learn more about you.

I really hope you guys enjoyed hearing a few little fact about yours truly! But, before I list my nominees, I want to find out a bit more about you guys! Let me know in the comments below what your star sign is and whether or not you have any piercings! I'd love to know!

To continue on this tag, I nominate:
Live The Prep Life
Daily Dose of Prep

I absolutely love these blogs. Please be sure to click through and peruse their sites.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Suitcases Under $150

With Spring break and summer travels happening soon, its the perfect time to get a new suitcase. I'm obsessed with all these suitcases after realizing how cheap suitcases can be. With so many colors to choose from, you're sure to find one you like in time for your next vacation.

This black suitcase is so simple. The black matte shape will be a classic for a long time.

This seafoam suitcase set is stunning. It won't get lost at the airport.

This pink suitcase set is such a great find. I love how they all fit inside one another.

The copper suitcase set is giving me major heart eyes. I love the pattern on the suitcase.

Design Love Fest's collaboration with Target is fabulous. I love the bold color of the pink suitcase.

This black suitcase set is so sleek. The modern look will last for years to come.

Monday, March 13, 2017

What I Got At BBYO IC: T-Shirts, Shuk, Spirit Wear

IC was a little less than 3 weeks away but I'm still cherishing the memories. I've been wearing my BBYO clothing a lot. At IC, every region has tons of pride. We're all trying to compete to see who has the most spirit. Southern Region always has tons of spirit. This year was no exception. I've gathered up all the spirit clothing I wore at IC. (Be sure to check out my IC experience here.)
To start off the weekend, every region had some sort of spirit wear they wore the first night during the opening ceremonies. Southern Region's mascot is the bunny and purple and white are our colors. We wore this shirt along with tattoos and bunny ears.
Every BBG at IC got this shirt. We all wore this shirt to our activities on Thursday. I felt like I was in a very comfy uniform since everyone was wearing the same shirt. The Alephs were wearing an identical shirt for AZA.
This was Southern Region's t-shirt for Israel day. The shirt is crazy soft. I just want to wear it everywhere. It might be the softest thing I own.
Every BBG got their t-shirt and a water bottle inside this bag. I don't fully love the color, but I love that it has BBG on it.
Atlanta always has tons of spirit at IC. This year was no exception. Everyone got bunny ears to wear with the Southern Region tank top along with beads to wear. I brought along a few extra beads that I wore throughout the weekend. The tattoos are super fun. I ended up getting a little rash from getting my tattoo off. I wish I got to wear the rest of them. Everyone has a name tag that you have to wear all of IC. Atlanta was super clever and made everyone Atlanta tags they can attach to theirs.
Shuk is always amazing. IC's Shuk was no exception. I ended up going on the last day with only 20 minutes left. Most of the stuff had already been sold out that I wanted. I ended up getting 3 t-shirts all from NTO (North Texas Oklahoma). I guess they make good t-shirts.

This penguin t-shirt is adorable. I love how it has a pocket. T-shirts with pockets are always good. It might be plain to some, but I love it.
This long sleeve is perfect. I love the color of it. I had such a hard time choosing between this and a dusty blue. The actual design is amazing. I love how the skyline of Dallas is on the t-shirt.
This long sleeve is awesome. I love how the logo says Southern bred. Maybe, Southern Region should make a t-shirt similar to it.

I absolutely love all the clothing I got from IC. BBYO clothing is the best. I love how t-shirts are passed down. If you missed my recap of IC, you can check it out here.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Step Into My Week: Orlando, Tampa, and Give Kids the World

I had been looking forward to this week for quite a while. I was on Spring break. It felt nice to have a break from school. Even though I had projects to complete, this break was relaxing and came just in time.

Saturday night my sister and I decided to mess around with our hair. The night ended with my hair covered in lotion. It was a pretty hilarious sight. My hair was so shiny even after I showered. Also, I bought my domain on Friday. You can read all about it here.

Saturday was so short. I caught up on some much needed sleep. Part of the day was spent watching Netflix and blogging. I haven’t watched any Netflix since Winter break, so it felt nice to watch my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. Saturday night was spent packing. I got out everything I might want to bring with me first. It was crazy to see how much stuff I wanted to bring. I got it down to a third, but I didn’t end up wearing most of what I packed.

Sunday was a travel day. We hopped on the plane to MCO (Orlando) with a dream and a tank top. (Anybody get that reference? Wow, I miss the glory days of Hannah Montana.) The airplane we were on had screens that you could see how far away we were. I love those.

I had researched Orlando a little bit before coming. (I'm going to make a city guide sometime soon.) I had found Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Luckily, my mom and sister agreed to go. The food was absolutely delicious. 10/10 recommend you go. We went to a gelato store after. They were making chocolate candies inside. It smelled so good.

We decided to go to Orlando for Spring break after learning about Give Kids the World Village. You can learn all about Give Kids the World Village here. I plan on writing a blog post all about my experience later.

Monday was our first day volunteering at Give Kids the World Village. We were in charge of busing tables and helping families with lunch. We had the rest of the afternoon to do whatever we wanted after volunteering. We ended up going to an outlet mall to shop around. My sister's friend, Madeline, ended up meeting up with us for an hour while we were there. The song "It's A Small World" really is true. While at the mall, we went into a bunch of stores, but didn't really score. The Lululemon outlet is awesome. My sister ended up getting a bunch of items. I totally recommend it.

Our volunteer shift on Tuesday wasn't until 6 o'clock, so we decided to take the hour drive to Tampa. We went to Taco Bus where we got the best tacos and Oxford Exchange where I got a delicious tea. While we were in Oxford Exchange, Warby Parker gladly tightened my glasses for me. It was awesome because I had needed to go to the store in Atlanta to get them tightened for a while now.

Downtown Tampa has their own free version of Uber. The downtowner will pick you up anywhere and take you wherever you need to go. We had walked from Taco Bus to Oxford Exchange and didn't feel like walking again. The bus was adorable. It runs on electricity, so I felt very environmentally friendly.

On our way out of Tampa, we decided to drive through Hyde Park. The area is absolutely beautiful. We saw a gourmet popsicle shop and had to stop in. They were absolutely amazing.

We ended our night with a volunteer shift where we helped throw a party. By the time we were done with the shift, I was hungry, so I swung by ARI sushi on our way back to the hotel.

On Wednesday, we didn't have a shift. This gave us ample time to go to St. Petersburg. The hour and a half drive to St. Petersburg was boring but totally worth it. While we were in St. Petersburg, we went to the Dali Museum, went on a mural tour, and ate lunch/dinner at The Avenue. All in all it was a fun day.
The Dali Museum
Thursday was a volunteer day. The morning was relaxing. In the afternoon, we bused tables and helped families get their food. We assisted with a Winter wonderland party later. My sister and I were in charge of helping kids decorate cookies. To end the night, we stopped at Orange World. It claims to be the largest orange in the world. We tried to get oranges to ship, but they weren't shipping this time of year. Instead, we sampled all the different types and picked out some to take on the plane.
Orange World

Thursday, March 9, 2017

What to Wear: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's is a little over a week away. I've gathered up all my favorites in green to help you avoid getting pinched. Green isn't always the prettiest color, but I've rounded up some of my favorites from across the web.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Break Essentials

I've gathered up everything you need to be prepared for your Spring break at the beach. The beach life is the simple life, so don't fret about not having everything. Just remember to pack sunscreen and you'll be fine. I made the mistake of not wearing sunscreen for a day. Oh boy, that was a bad decision.

When the Taylor Swift picture went viral, everyone needed a pool float. Well, everyone still needs a pool float. This pink flamingo will stand out in the water.

Beach bags are essential for making sure all your stuff doesn't get covered in sand. This beach bag has such an adorable pattern.

Shorts are a must for Spring break. With hot weather, you need a pair of jean shorts on hand. Levi's has been a classic for decades that everyone and their mother adores.

Swimsuits are an essential if you're going swimming, obviously. This one is gorgeous. Check out more amazing options here.

The lace-up sandal is still going strong. This pair is absolutely adorable and is super easy to put on and take off.

Water bottles are essential to avoid dehydration. S'well has so many options to choose from and this one is catching my eye

Sunglasses are an essential for the sun. Everyone seems to adore this style, but you can see even more options here.

Beach towels are a must. This beach towel that says "I am fun" will stand out among the sea of towels.

Coverups are great for when you're done with the beach. Whenever you throw one on, you're instantly look resort casual.

Avoid getting burnt with sunscreen. An all natural type like this one will not only keep you protected but will keep you safe.

Deodorant is necessary if you're out in the sun all day. This all natural type comes in tons of different scents. You'll definitely find one you like.

A hat will help keep sun rays off your face. This floppy hat says "Hello Sunshine." Nobody will take your hat by mistake.

Speakers are great for playing music. This one is portable and is so small it can fit almost anywhere. Play your favorite Spotify playlist and you'll definitely have a great time.

What are your Spring break essentials? What are you doing for Spring break?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Swimsuits for Summer Under $100

Swimsuit season is upon us. With the weather getting warm enough for me to crave swimming, I figured its the perfect to post a round of my favorite swimsuits for the season. All of the swimsuits I gathered are under $100 with most under $50. I normally get my swimsuits from Target, but I thought I'd include some I'm lusting over.

Triangl always makes the cutest swimsuits. I love how simple this all black one is. The blue embroidered bikini is the perfect color combo.

Target is my go to for swimsuits. This one's back is amazing. I own this one and love it.

Pacsun always has a great selection. I'm loving the crocheted look on this. The pattern on this bikini is amazing. I love the back on this bikini.

Billabong is a surf company so their swimsuits are superb. I love the pattern on this bikini. I love the crocheting on this. I love the simplicity of this bikini.

Where do you buy swimsuits? Which swimsuit is your favorite?

Monday, March 6, 2017


I'm super excited to announce that Gold Clutter is officially a .com. I had decided that I would make a reality after reaching my page view goal. I'm so proud to announce that I've beaten that goal by more than 250+ pages in 2 days.

Having a URL with a .com makes Gold Clutter appear more professional. I'm excited to see where this new era of Gold Clutter goes. I can already imagine some of whats to come and I'm even more excited for what will be a surprise.

After changing Gold Clutter to a .com, I looked Gold Clutter up on on Google to find it was the top 2 search results. Back in the beginning of January, you couldn't see it on the first page. Hopefully, it will cover the entire first page one day. Its amazing to think how much the blog has grown in a matter of 2 months.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Step Into My Week: Volunteering

I've been waiting for the weekend all week, since Spring break starts then. I'm excited to get away from school for a week and have a vacation full of rest. I definitely need it after all the tests and projects I've had due this week.

I was feeling a little sick on Friday, so I decided to lay low all weekend. Nevertheless, I ended up volunteering a ton. Volunteering always leaves me with a smile, so I love doing it whenever I can. On Friday afternoon, I volunteered at a festival for an elementary school. My friends, Marin, Josh, and me were responsible for a bouncy house. We had to make sure the bouncy house didn't get filled with kids. It was funny to watch kids try and get in the bouncy house. Some of them were crazy determined.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning to volunteer at my friend's breast cancer fundraiser. I was in charge of manning the displays and goody bags. The wind wasn't working in my favor. Every other second something would fall down. I definitely got my workout in for the day running back and forth.

On Sunday afternoon, I volunteered at a ceramic painting party. We helped paint ceramic tiles with our buddies. My buddy and I had a great time talking. I ended up knowing a few of the other volunteers, so that was nice.

For school, I have to make a TED radio hour style podcast. I've been doing my interviews all week for it. I'm excited to see how the finished project turns out. As I write this, I have a few more interviews before I'm done. Hopefully, I don't have to work on it over Spring break.

I'm going to Orlando for Spring break. My family isn't the theme park family. Is there anything I should do? Anywhere I should eat? Anything I should see?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sunglasses Under $150

Sunglasses weather is around the corner. Or in my case, next week, as I will be on Spring break in Florida. No matter where you live, everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. I need prescription glasses, so I can't have a bunch of fun pairs to switch up. :( For those that can, I've rounded up some of my top picks from Ray Ban, Quay, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21. With a variety of price points to choose from, you're sure to find a pair you love.

For some reason, I couldn't get the Warby Parker website to work when making this post, but I love them. I have glasses and sunglasses from there. My sunglasses are the Ripley style. I had to get my glasses replaced last year due to a giant scratch and they replaced them for free super fast. If you have them in your city, you have to check them out. The Atlanta store has a photo booth that I'm obsessed with.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Which pair is your favorite? Do you have prescription sunglasses like me? Where are your sunglasses from?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Lust List Under $100

This month it seems like I've been really into fashion looking at my lust list, but I haven't. I guess Spring fashion is on my mind with the swimsuits and open toed shoes. Can we get to Spring, already? I want to skip past the pollen and get to the nice weather before remembering why Atlanta has the nickname, Hotlanta.

Doesn't the onesie look oh so comfy? I'm obsessed with the bunny one too.

I've been commenting on every blog whose featured the Marc Fisher shoes about how much I love them. I'm glad Steve Madden decided to make a more affordable pair.

The red dress is stunning. I love the lace detail on it. Can we talk about the sleeves for a second? Come on, they're amazing.

I absolutely love the tropical leaf pattern on this swimsuit. I've been seeing pictures of it all over the Internet and just might have to get it.

The rash guard is calling my name. I'm loving the print on it. Plus, it'll keep me protected from the sun. I've got to keep myself protected against those harmful rays, you know?

The black dress might seem a little fancy compared to the rest of this list, but it is beautiful. I love the cutouts on it. This is one LBD that is sure to stand out.

The flats are amazing. I love the ankle wrap on them with the cute fringe at the end. They're only $25, so you're girl might have to have them.

This necklace is totally awesome. I'm not normally one for jewelry, but I'm obsessed with this piece. I love the simpleness of it.

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Step Into My Week: BBYO IC

Note: For all my readers not familiar with BBYO, BBYO is a pluralistic Jewish teen youth organization. BBYO's mission is more Jewish teens, more meaningful Jewish experiences. BBYO is made up of AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph), the boys, and BBG (B'nai Brith Girls), the girls, who all come together once a year for BBYO IC. You can learn all about BBYO here.

Sorry for no blog posts last week. I'm still recovering from IC. Yeah, that's right, I went to BBYO's International Convention. It was amazing. The IC sickness is real. Everyone at my school was sick and coming back from IC, I had no energy. Whenever I wasn't catching up on school work, I was sleeping.

I got to IC on Wednesday. My flight was full of people from Atlanta. I ended up sitting with a girl from Atlanta. We talked for the majority of the ride. The airport was total madness. They had to get a special bus to transfer all of us to the right terminal. While waiting for the bus, I went to the bathroom. Luckily, my friend, Mia, got to the bus while I went to the bathroom. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest bear hug. I was so excited to see her.

Mia and I got to room together with 2 other people we didn't know. Checking into our room was total madness. Mia had to go to band practice so I had to get all of our stuff to our room. Luckily,  another girl, Isabelle, offered to help. The elevator line was so long. I just wanted to get back to the convention. My room key wouldn't work, so I dropped our stuff off in Isabelle's room before heading down to dinner.

Dinner was so awkward sitting all alone. It was just me, Mia, and Isabelle. I felt like a tiny fish in the sea the first day. We had our delegation meeting next. Basically, we got hype for whatever we we're doing next and talked about what was going on the next day.
Southern Region Spirit
The opening ceremonies were amazing. I walked into a room with everyone screaming their region. The energy was unbelievable. All of the region spirt and pride got me so excited for the rest of the weekend. The region and council presidents got to go on stage to show off spirit. I loved seeing what everyone did. To end the night, Seeb DJed. (Side note: Not sure if DJed is a verb, but I just made it a verb.) No one had heard of him, so no one was all that excited. I ended up staying for a few songs before beating the rush to the elevators.

We had to wake up at 6:30 on Thursday in order to make it to breakfast on time. It was rough getting up early. Thursday was focused on being a game changer. The convention's theme was Changing the Game. I loved seeing all the creativity that went into the theme.

To start off the morning, we had a plenary. Game changers talked all about how they were sparking change in their communities. A little girl gave the cutest speech. Everyone was obsessed with it. At the end, we got into our groups for the day. I kept on thinking my group had already left. Luckily, I found my group.

I was in Teen Philanthropy. Going into the leads day activity as they called it, I didn't know what to expect from it. I ended up meeting a ton of new people, so that was nice. For the actual session, we learned all about how we can philanthropists. At the end, each table presented an idea on how our chapters can fundraise. It was hilarious to watch one guy put on a show and rap to present his idea. Hopefully, I see him on some comedy show in 10 years.

Shabbat was so fun. My friends and I ended up going to a service about who we are in Judaism. It was interesting to hear everyones perspectives. We had a blast the whole time.

To make the night even more eventful, we had separates. To keep the gamechanger theme going, the seperates was all about what cause inspires you to be a gamechanger. Everyone got into groups based on what cause they're most passionate about. We came up with ways we can help the causes we're most passionate about and goofed off. The people in charge of my room were I-Board, so that was cool.

To end the night, Mia and I went to Doughneg. We made challah and covered it with brown sugar and chocolate chips. Neither of us knew anyone at our table, so we met more people. All of us talked for a while before going back to our rooms to get some much needed sleep.

For Saturday, we didn't have to be at breakfast until 9. That was nice. I wish school days could be like that. Sometime in between the night and breakfast, Isabelle added Mia and I to a group chat. Everyone in the group chat got breakfast together. It felt good to meet even more people. These people became our squad for the rest of IC. Isabelle, Mia, and I had become really close friends throughout IC. Elena, someone we met in the groupchat, became really good friends with us. We ended up becoming a little squad inside a squad.

Our entire squad went to the song Shabbat service. I don't listen to popular music, so I was clueless to what any of the songs were. I loved getting to know the "new" people more.

Before lunch, we had Limmud. We could go to all these panels and hear speakers talk. I ended up going to one where campaign advisors for politicians spoke. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it.

Mia and I had heard all about a sound hpnosis activity from the night before, so we we're determined to do it. We got in line for it super early. Everyone was pushing and shoving in an attempt to get in. They ended up shutting down the activity. I guess that means, I have to come back next year to do the activity. Did you read that, mom?

We ended up going to a women in technology Limmud. The lady in charge of it talked all about technology I hadn't heard of before. It was way more interesting than I was expecting. Although I have no interest in a STEM career, it was enertaining to learn all about.

Later that night, was the state of the order. I-Board talked all about what they had been doing. It was plenty cool to hear them talk. In addition to them, a bunch of other speakers spoke. They had an Olympic athlete and someone from Hamilton speak. It was unreal to see the pride in all the speakers' face. (That sounds way creepier than I meant it to.)

For Sunday, everyone could go sight seeing, participate in Color War, or go to AZA BBG elections. I ended up going to elections. Everyone was crazy excited about the new board with the excitement being palpable. (My English teacher would be proud of that word. Thanks, Membeam.) The elections were 10 hours long with a 30 minute break for lunch. Although it was long, I loved getting to see all of it. To make it even better, I got to vote. I went in not expecting to vote, so I loved getting the chance to vote.

I raced back to my room after elections were over in order to make it downstairs in time for the concert. After getting changed, I met up with Tia, someone I met from the group chat, for the concert. I hadn't listened to any of Fifth Harmony, Nelly, or Audien's music, so it felt nice to have someone guide me through the rope of the concert. (Why does that sound so awkward?)

After the concert was over, I dashed right up to my Shuk in order to get a few t-shirts to take home with me. A lot of what I wanted was sold out. :( I ended up getting all t-shirts from North Texas Oklahoma region. I guess they make the best t-shirts.

Sunday night, Mia and I had a jam session with our roommates, Ofree and Jennie. I hate that we we're just getting to know our roommates when the convention was over. We all had a blast hanging out with us pulling a failed all nighter of watching tv and talking.

Monday morning was full of goodbyes. I was so sad to leave all my friends. (IC 2018, right Mom?) It was so sad to see everyone crying with their goodbyes.

IC was an absolute blast. I loved every minute of it especially seeing Mia and meeting new friends. I'm still resting my body from all the craziness a week later. Hopefully by next week, I'll be fully recovered.

To end this, I feel it's very important that I let you know I wrote over 1500 words.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Step Into My Week: BBYO

I've had a crazy busy week. This post only goes up till Wednesday, so you'll have to see what I've been up to next week.

My grandma came into town on Friday night before she went to the airport on Saturday morning. I hadn't seen her in a little while, so it was nice to catch up. We went to Zinburger. My sister got the biggest shake.

On Saturday, I got TSA Pre Check. I expected the process to be an hour or two long, but I was surprised to be out within 20 minutes. I got to have my fingerprint taken, so that was cool. If you don't have it, I totally reccomend it. I'm excited for when I get to use it.

My BBYO chapter had a sleepover on Saturday night. I loved getting to see my friends I hadn't seen in a little while. We had a chapter meeting that took 2 hours. An amendment was trying to get passed, but it failed. After that, we watched some random movie.

Sunday was a busy day for me. Atlanta Council had a BBYO board meeting. I loved seeing people I hadn't seen in a while. It was an updates meeting, so an amendment wasn't trying to get passed.

I'm part of a volunteer leadership program. We got to visit shelters we support through our programs. It was interesting to see where we're helping. I got to meet people in the program I hadn't met before, so that was cool.

To end the day, I had a meeting about exchange students. I'm getting a French exchange student in April. I can't wait to show her all around Atlanta. It will be interesting to see what she thinks of Atlanta.

 The rest of the week was pretty calm. Actually, until Thursday it was calm.

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Design

If you can't tell, I changed up the look of the blog. I always wanted something different than the plain blogger template, so I was ecstatic to find Kotryna Bass offering a free blog design. I instantly jumped at the chance to use this template, and I couldn't be happier. The blog design is so sleek and is exactly what I want it to be. I love how simple, yet elegant it is.

I want to make an about me page with some silly FAQs. I'll have to work on that. If you have any questions for me, please leave them down below.

Please forgive me as I get used to the new site. I'm going to have to figure out what to size the images now that I'm happy with the site.  If anyone knows how to size images for the blog size, please let me know.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Step Into My Week: AJFF and Hiking

This week was a pretty good week. While the weekend was chill, the week was anything but chill. I was all over the place this week rushing from one thing to another.

I spent the whole weekend hanging out at my house. I needed a good "me" weekend after being go go for so long. I ended up going for a hike. The view was absolutely beautiful. I was surprised to see so many people hiking. I had a ton of homework that I had to get done. It felt so good to complete my to do list.

For French class, I was able to see Fanny on Sunday as part of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. The film was absolutely stunning. I was surprised that I understood so much of the movie without subtitles. Sadly my teacher couldn't be at the movie, but I loved immersing myself in the French environment. If you can see the movie, you have to go see it.

In French club, we watched a different movie. I'm not sure what its called as I came in a little late. The story was absolutely entertaining about a man being the caretaker of another man. I'm excited to finish the movie soon.

I had a volunteer program on Monday night. We talked about homelessness. It was saddening to hear some facts I didn't know about homelessness. It definitely makes me want to do more with homeless advocacy.

Tech Crew had a meeting on Tuesday. All of us got to talk about our expectations are for this semester. We got to lash out what we wanted to change and how we can change. I'm excited to see how this comes about.

The rest of the week was pretty chill with a few meetings here and there. I have a jam packed weekend, so you'll have to see what I did next Friday.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day: What to Wear

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. If you're still in need of an outfit, I've got you covered. While some of you will be with your sweetheart, I'll be studying. Luckily I got the thrill of Valentine's Day, while looking for outfits for y'all.
T-shirt / Jeans / Cardigan / Converse

What are you wearing for Valentine's Day? Are you staying in or going out?