Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pretty School Supplies

Clear Highlighters - Unicorn Eraser - Grammar Pencils - Clear Stapler - Le Pens - Jumbo Sticky Notes - Laptop Sleeve - Pencil Case - S'well Bottle - Day Designer - Stickers - Mouse Pad - Marble Journal - Patch Paint Notebook - Metallic Journal (Smaller Size) -  Metallic Journal (Bigger Size)

I gathered up some school supplies to cheer you on during this semester. Getting new school supplies can motivate you to do school work.

Clear Highlighters // These highlighters will help you see what you're highlighting. I need these as I always go past what I want to highlight.

Unicorn Eraser // This eraser is so cute and sure to put a smile on your face.

Grammar Pencils // These pencils will help you get into the school spirit. Your English teacher will be proud to know you're using what they've taught you.

Clear Stapler // This stapler is so pretty to the eyes. You could have it out in the open without feeling embarrassed.

Le Pens // These pens always get rave reviews. The seemingly limitless colors will allow your notes to look like a happy rainbow.

Jumbo Sticky Notes // This sticky note pad would serve you well sitting on a desk to jot down quick notes.

Laptop Sleeve // Your laptop will look stylish while being protected.

Pencil Case // This pencil case looks Kate Spade inspired while keeping the budget in mind.

S'well Bottle // You'll be sure to stay hydrated with this stylish water bottle.

Day Designer // With a page for each day, you'll never forgot anything.

Stickers // These stickers will look great on your planner.

Mouse Pad // This mouse pad will look stylish while being useful.

Marble Journal // This journal will go perfectly with the  S'well Bottle.

Patch Paint Notebook // This notebook is sure to be noticed.

Metallic Journal // This notebook is super on trend.

I would be inspired to get work done if I had these supplies.


  1. I love that marble water bottle! Swell is also making a gold one and it's hard to pick a favorite between these two x

    Jessica — NinetyCo