Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List Under $100

I always struggle with what to ask for the holidays and my birthday. I've been keeping a list on my phone for the past few months to give me ideas of what to ask for. I rounded up things I'd love to receive for the holidays. These gifts would be perfect for a teenage girl too.

Old Atlanta Tee - I'm obsessed with my city. Atlanta has so much to do. I'm always discovering new things that make Atlanta amazing. Atlanta is known is made up of transplants, so I'm proud to be from the old Atlanta.

Capri Candle - Anthropologie is the best smelling store in the mall. They always have this signature candle burning. I'd love to add this amazing smelling candle to my collection.

 Fitibt Alta - I had a Fitbit for a long time, but it snapped in half a while ago. I'd love to have it again. Whenever I wore it, I was always determined to get to 10,000 steps. This black and gold version is so chic.

Hair Tie Bracelet - I always have a hair tie with me in case I need to pull my hair back during a science lab or during another class. I'd love this stylish bracelet to help prevent getting awful hair tie marks on my arms. This piece of jewelry is so stylish and practical.

Black Purse - I've loved the look of the Longchamp purses, but I'd prefer to purchase something vegan. This bag is an almost exact vegan version of the signature bag.

Pastel Highlighters - This is one of those things where I wonder why didn't I think of that. I'm always wishing I had a less in your face highlighter to mark completed tasks in my planner with. This set is adorable with the wide variety of colors.

Wifi enabled SD card - I'm always wishing I could have the pictures I take with my DSLR automatically on my phone. This will come in handy in a few weeks when a surprise is being announced. Be on the lookout for something exciting coming to the blog in January. Also, I discovered this through Sweetly Sally.

Atlasaurus Tee - This t-shirt is hilarious. I love buying products that benefit Atlanta. This Atlanta based business always has hilarious designs.

Waffle Robe - I keep on thinking I need to get a new robe, but I haven't found one I've liked. I've always been set on the idea of a fluffy robe, but this robe looks so soft and luxurious.

Waffle Towels - After I discovered the robe, I came across these blankets. My bathroom would look amazing with matching towels and robe.

The 5 Love Languages - My English started talking about this book one day. One girl couldn't stop talking about how you had to read it. I'd love to read it after hearing lots of hype.

Geometric Leggings - I featured these leggings in a lust list a while ago. I haven't been able to stop thinking about how cool they look. I'd love to have these to wear when working out or when it's cold out.

Lucky Tee - My sister has been loving t-shirts with phrases on them. I was looking online for gifts for her when I found this. I love this shirt with the crooked writing and the different colors.

Crossbody Bag - After seeing this purse on someone a year or two ago, I've been looking for something like it. This purse is adorable and would fit all of my essentials.

Vegan Holiday Cookbook - I've only missed challah while being vegan. This book has an amazing recipe for challah and latkes.

Circle Friendship Necklace - This necklace has such a beautiful meaning while remaining gorgeous. I'd love to have matching necklaces with my sister.

Veja Sneakers - I've absolutely loved the lifestyle sneaker trend, but haven't found a beautiful vegan pair until now. I'd love to rock this vegan version of the trend.


  1. I love the way Anthropologie smells!! I want that candle too, haha. So many great things on your list!

    The Classic Brunette

  2. Fitbit Alta is my favourite. Love the your list is all under $100.

  3. Replies
    1. They're pretty stylish while also tracking your steps.

  4. I have a wish list as well. It definitely helps because it makes sure you get items that you will really use. I believe that I got most of my things on Black Friday.

    1. You're so right! I love surprises, but I normally get the most use out of things I ask for.

  5. these all sound so fun! still making my wishlist!

  6. I've heard nothing but awesome things about Anthropologie candles and I live just a few minutes away from a store! Might have to check it out!
    Tori || Victori Media

    1. They smell amazing! They'd make a great gift for anyone.

  7. Such great picks and I love that you are showing items that you would enjoy. It helps readers get a sense of who you are! I love the idea of a FitBit, I'll admit that I have never owned one. I think I might look into it for the new year, I know that seeing my step numbers will encourage me to do more! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

    1. Thank you so much! I was always determined to hit 10,000 steps whenever I wore my Fitbit. It definitely motivated me to get up and moving.