Friday, December 28, 2018

11 Random Thoughts

Hello, internet! I found writing down my thoughts in my previous 11 Random Things so refreshing a few months ago. I thought I'd create a new installation. Here's what's brewing in my head currently.
  • I spent a lot of time studying at Starbucks studying for finals. They recently redid the one by my house, and it is so nice. I would plop down with my small passion tea and toasted with no butter whole grain bagel, and work for hours. I found people walking in was the perfect distraction for me without me getting unfocused from what I was doing.
  • I recently finished City on the Verge by Mark Pendergrast. The book gave a fascinating look at how the Beltline is influencing Atlanta. I am obsessed with my city so it was no surprise that I loved the book. I want to read more books about Atlanta in the future.
  • I have wanted a bookshelf in my room for the last few years. I finally ordered one a few weeks ago. I hope to get it built before winter break is over so I can place my books on it nicely.
  • I've gotten further into the college process over these last few months. It's surreal to think I'll be going off to college so soon.
  • I'm the editor for my school's journalism site. We recently came out with a print edition for the first time in four years. It was so rewarding, and made me miss the days where I would pick up a print edition from the library while in middle school. I hope we can create another print edition in the spring.
  • I'm moving to Athens, Georgia for a few weeks for school in January. I have so much to do to get ready but also so little. I'm surprisingly not stressed about this adventure I'm undertaking.
  • I need to order a new pair of everyday sneakers as I've worn my current pair almost every day since I got them last December so they're showing wear and tear. Unfortunately, the style I like best appears to be sold out. I'll have to look online later today to see if they're now available.
  • I have been trying to get a winter jacket for the last few months. It's so difficult to find a vegan winter jacket in my size. I guess I should order a few online from REI, and return whatever I don't like.
  • I have used the same Nalgene for the last few years, and it still works lovely. I've been seeing Hydroflasks everywhere, and I would love one but I feel bad buying one when I have a perfectly useable water bottle.
  • I've begun journaling lately. Its been such a calming activity for me, and is a wonderful way to document my life. I print pictures out at Costco every few days and write what's on my mind. I might write a post about it as this method of journaling is the first method I've done consistently.
  • I'm making a few of my friends care packages. Its been a bit more of an undertaking than I expected. I've gone to the post office three times in the past two days trying to get the correct box size. By the time I've finished making the care packages, I'll have tried all the sizes at the post office at this rate.
That's it for me, folks. You just got treated to a brain dump. Feel free to brain dump in the comments. Have you ever made a care package? Do you own a Hydroflask? What type of winter jacket do you own? Where do you study?


  1. That's great that you've started journaling! I love to journal but have never been able to do it consistently, so I'm hoping I'm able to this year!

    1. I'm hoping I'll keep journaling consistently as I haven't done it consistently before.