Monday, April 29, 2019

11 Random Thoughts

It’s been a hot second since I’ve written an eleven random thoughts post, but I’m back, baby (in the time of Ice, Ice, Baby). In the little bit since my last version of this series, I’ve traveled the globe, taken a multitude of tests, and continued on life’s adventures. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.
  • I’ve been “sporty.” I’m writing that in quotes because I haven’t sported (is that even a word?), but I’ve been going to sports games. In the last week, I’ve gone to a baseball game and a soccer game. That’s a new record for me! Here’s to hoping I keep this track record up!
  • Finals are coming up, which is scary but doable. They’re definitely not the most fun time of the year, but I’m always impressed by how much I remember. It’s always interesting to see what my teachers come up with for finals. My French final is always interesting.
  • I’ve become a podcast person. I’ve never been one to put on music without instinct. I always have to remind myself because I find that I get easily distracted by podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts on long drives as I like that I’m getting something out of them.
  • I’m reading Michelle Obama’s book. I’ve always thought of her as a queen but her book has given me even more respect for her. While the first forty pages were a bit slow for me, I’ve loved reading about her life.
  • I’ve been staring at a screen in front of me as I’ve been sitting on a plane for the last six hours. It makes me sad to think of how screen and WiFi dependent I am. While I’ve spent half the time reading Michelle Obama’s book, I’m upset to know I’ve spent my time staring at a screen getting nothing in return.
  • I’m wrapping up tech for the year. The seniors have become near and dear friends of mine (I sound like an old lady there.). While I’m sad to see them leave, I can’t wait to see all they accomplish next year. I’m soaking up the last few moments with them as I don’t know how much time I have left with them.
  • My school has advisory, which is similar to homeroom except we meet once a week. I jokingly refer to my advisory as the theater advisory as half of us do theater. It’s been cool to see how theater has allowed our advisory to get closer.
  • I’m really hoping I’ll make it to an Atlanta United game as I haven’t been yet. I’ve heard the energy in the stadium is really unbelievable. Hopefully, I’ll make it to a game this summer donning all the Atlanta United apparel I can find.
  • I haven’t figured out my full summer schedule yet. I have July and August covered but I have nothing down for June. I’m not really sure what I’ll end up doing but I’m hoping it’ll involve some sort of exploring.
  • I’m taking an independent study with my advisor next year. The topic is all on Atlanta, which excites me as I love where I’ve gotten to grow up. We need to talk more about the details. While I cannot wait for summer, I’m also excited for next school year because of this class.
  • I’ve been publishing fashion content lately, which is so unlike me as I’ve never been into fashion. It’s been so fun for me to spend hours scouring the internet to curate the perfect collection. I’ll have to spend some time looking through what I’ve picked out to decide what I want to order.

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