Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Summer 2019, I'm Ready For You

It's summer y'all! If you can't tell, your girl is so excited. It feels like the last month of school drags on but goes by in a flash. This May was no exception but I'm so happy I'm on summer break.

I had to throw in the High School Musical summer gif in there to show I know a tad of pop culture and because it's so true.

So, what exactly am I doing this summer? I posted one blog post, a step into my week, the entire summer last year. I'm not letting that happen this summer as I want to document all that I'm doing. When talking about my summer, I'm gonna go at it like an action plan. The leadup to the game is June, the game is July, and the postgame is August — weirdest metaphor of all time, but I'm trying to metaphorize my summer, I guess.

If June is the leadup to the game, what am I doing all of June? Alright, I'll admit June my metaphor is just not good but I'm just gonna charge forward with it. June is my 'be productive' month.

I'm kicking off summer with a trip to Oregon to check out the University of Oregon (go ducks!), explore Portland, and see the Oregon coast. I'm stoked to check out more of Portland as me and my dad only explored Portland for twelve hours when we visited Washington and Oregon last summer.

After my trip to Portland, I'm flying back to Atlanta to take a summer class. Most people think taking a summer class is a lame thing to do, but I'm overjoyed about the opportunity. I'll be studying gentrification in Atlanta. It's going to be a neat and eye-opening experience.

While this is going on, I'm taking the ACT (go college!) and doing loads of summer work. I'm pumped for the classes I'm taking senior year but I have a large amount of summer work. I'm planning on knocking it out during June because June is the leadup to the game (the metaphor's never going away).

I made a list of events happening in June that I want to check out so I'm hoping to attend a bunch of things going on in the city. I also plan on volunteering quite a bit. I want to spend a lot of time giving back this summer.

The second two weeks of June are dedicated to summer work and college prep. I'm hoping to finish some of the essays I need to write for college applications in June so I can lessen the work I'll be doing when school's in session. If I can, I want to squeeze in a trip to Asheville to visit my family for a few days.

We're on to the game, also known as July. This is the meat of my summer (another weird metaphor) as I'll be out of town for 25 days. I'm spending three weeks exploring Israel, which I cannot wait to experience as I've never been. From there, I fly back to Atlanta to spend a few days adjusting to the flight difference before heading back up north to attend a Jewish studies summer program.

The postgame that is August is only summer for half the month so I've gotta make the most of it. The Jewish studies program takes up a good chunk of time leaving me with five days before school starts. In those five days, I'll be doing last minute errands to get ready for high school to start my senior year.

My summer is crazy busy in the best way. I cannot wait to be doing what I love, learning and exploring. I'm hoping I'll be a good blogger this year and share my adventures on the blog.


  1. I hope you have so much fun in Portland and Israel! It sounds like you'll have a busy summer, but I'm sure it will be great!

    1. I thrive on being busy so I’m happy to be so busy!

  2. Your summer seems just as jam packed as mine this past year. I just want to caution you to make sure you get rest because college applications (depending on how many you plan to do) will hit hard with a hard senior course load.

    - Avalon from

    1. I made a list of all the essays I need to write for the colleges I’m applying to. I’m glad I made the list (but overwhelmed by it) because now I know what I need to do for my college applications. Hopefully, I’ll get a good chunk of my college applications done before school starts.

  3. Oh my goodness, it sounds like you’re going to have such a fun summer! I can’t wait to enjoy the sunny weather by the beach!

    Xo Logan

    1. I'm having such a great summer so far. Have a great time at the beach!