Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Last Seven Weeks

Hello! This whole year has been a blur. I cannot believe its already mid-February. Seriously y'all, I feel like January 1st was two weeks ago. I've been keeping busy since the start of the new year. I've really thrown myself into doing everything to the fullest as I don't have much time left in high school.

Everyone else seems to have full-on senioritis. I'm over here putting 110% into everything I'm doing as I want to take advantage of it all. Its a really interesting spot to be in as many of my peers are slacking off while I just want to do more.

The last 7ish weeks have been eventful. My friend Kate from BBYO was in town for a few days. I treasure our friendship so it was a joy to host her in Atlanta. As an Atlanta fanatic, I'm filled with pride showing my friends around the city. We tried going to the Waffle House Museum, but I forgot it's only open on certain days. We turned it into a fun adventure. We also got vegan bao buns. In my book, you can never be sad if you have vegan bao buns.

I then went to Chapel Hill for a few days. It was a bit strange to be on the campus as I wasn't touring the school. My mom went to UNC so she's an avid UNC basketball fan. We scored tickets to a not so great game, but I loved the camaraderie in the stadium. Moments like these make me excited for the school spirit I'll experience at college.

I teched my last middle school theater show. The middle school shows are some of my favorites. The kids are so excited to be members of the company and are filled with lust for all we do. I love watching their eyes light up as they try on a costume, see a new prop, and witness the finished set. Theater is truly magical. Theater is probably going to be my hardest goodbye.

ThesCon was so fun this year! I've mainly gone to the actor centric programming because of the people I hung out with. I ended up going to several tech centered programs. They were so cool! The tech IEs blew me away. I wish I got to see more of them.

I've added several babysitting clients to my roster so I've been busy babysitting. The kids I watch all have the greatest personalities so its such a joy to spend time with them. It's so weird to think they'll have new babysitters next year.

I picked up a new job as a Sunday school teacher. I actually love it so much. The kids are just the cutest. Sharing my love of Judaism with them brings me so much happiness.

Its been a good few weeks. Graduating high school is starting to get real. I have a feeling that after spring break, high school will fly by in the blink of an eye.