Monday, May 18, 2020

Capsule Wardrobe

Y'all, quarantine made me look at clothes for fun. What is happening? I'm the gal who would pretty much rather do anything so I don't have to shop. I guess instead of picking up new hobbies like coloring or running, I'm out here clothes shopping. What a time!

I've kept a running list of clothing I want to buy for college since senior year started. It's a bunch of basic clothing I just don't own for some reason. I'm lowkey giving away half my closet in a few weeks because I'm always wearing something for my youth group. Maybe, that's why I don't have the basic clothes. Who knows?

I scoured the interwebs for these items with the hopes of finding exactly what I want. That didn't happen for all the clothes, but a lot of the clothes I want to buy after quarantine. Without further ado, I present my capsule wardrobe.
I'm a neutral gal through and through. My laundry hamper has my colors at the bottom waiting for months until I have enough colors collected for a wash. Blues, blacks, whites, greys, and greens are my thing. They're so soothing. With this in mind, I limited myself to a color scheme of black, white, grey, and denim because I knew that's what I'd wear.

I wanted these items to transition from day to night without a need for additional clothes. I'm moving into a tiny dorm room so I want everything to do double duty or triple duty. I also wanted these clothes to work for all the different activities I do. Essentially, these clothes gotta work a million different ways. They can't just work for one outfit and be done.

Alrighty folks, let's dive into the tops I selected. I ended up picking 8 shirts to create a ton of different activities.
Black Tank - I've wanted a black ribbed square neck tank top for a while now. I think they can be dressed up or down.
Black Long Sleeve - I guess I'm just into ribbed clothing. The ribbed long sleeve would make a fun night time outfit. 
White T Shirt - I really have no excuse for not owning this.
Grey T Shirt - I have a grey t shirt flares out on the sides that has seen better days.
Black T Shirt - I wear a ton of black for tech so why don't I own a black t shirt?
White Tank - I own a bunch of randomly colored tanks yet no neutral tanks. As you can imagine, I essentially never wear those tanks.
White Tube Top - I was the only one out of my friends who didn't bring a tube top to Israel. I meant to buy one when we got back, but alas that never happened.
Black Tube Top - This also seems like something I should own.

It's time for the bottoms. To round out my total of 15 pieces, I chose 7 bottoms.
Black Shorts -  These are so great for the hot Georgia heat. Well, the loose material is great. The color isn't the best choice. Oh well!
Jean Shorts - I love the color and ripped aspect of the shorts.
Two Toned Jeans - These were my fun yet practical pants that match with a ton of different shirts.
Light Wash Jeans - The looseness of these jeans is so perfect. They're not crazy baggy while still a bit loose.
Black Jeans - Ditto to what I said about the light wash jeans.
Corduroy Pants - I'm so excited for corduroy to make a comeback. I love the fun texture corduroy provides.
Overalls - I'm obsessed with the fun vibe these overalls give off.