Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Bed, A Safety Net

Over the years, I've had several beds. They've been in different sizes and locations. Yesterday morning I was irritated about being woken up and went onto a rant about how I love my bed, little did I know, I was talking about the safety net of my bed. I relied on my bed to protect me from anything I thought could go wrong. I'd miss out on parties, concerts, sleepovers, and other events to stay in my safety net.

My bed shouldn't be my safety net, it should be a place I come to rest after a long night. The ironic thing is that I'm writing this from a bed in a hotel. I could be out on the beach, but instead I'm sitting in my bed watching Netflix and writing this very post you are reading.

Sleep is essential, but the nights in which I get hardly any sleep or no sleep are the nights I remember most. As I look back on those nights, my face brightens up into a smile that could stretch for miles.

I need to dedicate more nights of living rather than just being. I need to start moving in the world rather than watching the world. I need to live my life to the fullest rather than just walk through it.
- Amelia