Friday, July 29, 2016

29 Days

29 days. 23 kids. 4 adults. 5 states. Thousands of miles driven. That was the perfect mix to allow me to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country with amazing friends. That allowed me to form lasting connections with people from all across the country. Florida. New York. Kansas. Illinois. New Jersey. Indiana. Colorado. That allowed me to be in the moment. Not texting. Not on buzzfeed. Not reading. Not doing whatever. That allowed me to go on adventures. White water rafting. Tubing. Hiking. Paintballing. Canoeing. That allowed me countless memories.

Thanks...Sophie, Mel, Mikayla, Shaina, Kira, Zoe, Mariel, Mia, Simone, Phoebe, Bryan, Sam, Cole, Billy, Jared, Marcus, Noah, Sam, Maer, Daniel, Aidan, ADD 1 MORE NAME for allowing me to laugh a million times a day.

Thanks Sophie for always being there for me.

Thanks Mel for letting me become snapchat famous.

Thanks Mikayla for allowing me to twin and trade clothes with you.

Thanks Shaina for always making the mornings adventurous.

Thanks Kira for inspiring me with your crazy dance moves.

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.