Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oh, Canada // Quebec City

Over the summer, I went to Canada. Getting to Quebec City took forever. We first took a flight to Toronto, then our flight to Quebec City got delayed. It got delayed for almost 4 hours. The salad I had was pretty good, at least. Finally, we were able to board the tiny plane (We had to check our carry ons.) and make it safely to Quebec City.
The next day, we explored the old city for our time in Quebec City. We walked along the wall that was used in the old days to keep enemies out.
We stumbled upon this garden while looking for food. Well, we found our food. Last time we went to Canada, we found these really yummy tiny red berries. We found them here and feasted on them.
My sister took these pictures. A little artsy.
When we were walking back to our hotel, we found this bridge that was covered in colorful stripes. We walked along to find the other art installations in the series, but nothing could compete with this.
We found a really cool glasses shop. I tried on at least 20 pairs. Showing off my inner Betsey Johnson.
I'm obsessed with the glasses. They remind of a pair Toms had a few years ago.
I felt like Iris Apfel in these glasses.
Am I a hipster, yet?
For the third day, we spent most of the day in the car, but we did check out a waterfall before we left Quebec City. The rushing water was so calming.
As we were walking back, we saw a waterfall. I didn't get a good picture, but it was really pretty. Next stop, Montreal!

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