Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh, Canada // Toronto

Toronto was our next stop. To start things off, we went to this cathedral that had beautiful stained glass.
Doesn't this look like Epcot? It's actually a Canadian science museum. The museum had these pictures outside that had to do with science in Canada. They were so pretty.
We went to Simons (Canada's version of Macy's) to look around. I ended up getting a scarf. This collection of mirrors is so pretty.
To end our first day in Toronto, we went to the singing swings. Each swing makes a different note. Go in the evening when lots of people will be around to make a song.
I got a mango and raspberry popsicle to top off the evening.
For day five, we were off to Niagara falls, but we had to make a few pit stops first. This colorful building was so cool. I wish I had an office that looked like this.
These banana seats weren't the most comfortable things, but they were pretty cool.
I was able to get a vegan crepe here, so I loved it. We got so much fruit that we weren't able to finish it all. Catch you in Niagara Falls.

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