Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Lust List

I've decided to start a new monthly series. Every month I'm going to make a list of items that I'm lusting after. My favorites don't change that much, so I figured this would be a great way to see what I've been enjoying lately.

What have you been lusting over this month? Do your monthly favorites change?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Great Snow Boots

The Atlanta weather has been crazy these past few weeks. One week it was supposed to snow, the next it was sunny, and now its cold and sad looking. I was totally hoping it would snow, but all we got was ice. I got to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend studying for my Poli Sci exam instead of playing in the snow. What fun, right? In the hopes of it snowing, I rounded up some boots that would be great for the snow. Hopefully, you'll get snow if you want some or the snowing heading towards you will come to Atlanta.

Hunter Boots // I love my short Hunter boots so much that I wrote about them in my 2016 favorites post. My boots would be too short for a lot of snow, but the mid-height or tall boots would be great. With so many colors to choose from, you're sure to find a pair you love. I love the idea of having a plain outfit with a bold pair of rain boots. You can be extra warm by adding a pair of boot socks. Hunter boots will keep you warm and stylish all year.

Sorel Boots // Everybody who goes skiing or lives somewhere cold seems to have a pair of these. The brand makes so many options that its hard to decide which pair to get. The insulated boots will keep you warm no matter what activity you're doing. The boots are definitely expensive, but they will be able to be worn for years and years without being destroyed.

UGG Boots // This brand is so well known and totally deserves to be well known. The boots ultra soft material can become water resistant with a water resistant kit or you can buy water resistant boots. Lots of their normal boots have started to come in water resistant options in recent years. Everybody who has a pair don't stop raving about how comfy they are.

Bean Boots // Anyone who has these boots is obsessed with them. The classic look is perfect in the snow. Although their aren't a lot of color options to choose from, all the color options are incredibly adorable and would look great with any outfit. Some people love to add an extra lining in the boot in order to keep them warm in freezing temperatures.

Hopefully, this will bring some snow down South. I've been lusting after the tall Hunter boots for years, but I'm too short for them. They go up above my knees. The Sorrel boots are starting to become a new adore. I love the look, but I think Atlanta would be too hot for the warmth of the boots. What boots do you want? Do you have any of these shoes? What do you think of them?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Step Into My Week: Kallah and Tech Crew

Happy Friday! I love reading about what my favorite bloggers do in their lives off the screen. Prep In Your Step publishes a weekly recap of her week. I love the idea and couldn't help but make it a weekly tradition.

This week was crazy busy. I was constantly in the car trying to get to all the things I had to get done. I'm relieved to see the weekend coming near as this week has flown by. I'm excited for the weekend as I have 2 dances. Hopefully, next week isn't as crazy as this week was.

Over the weekend, I had Kallah for BBYO. I got to room with 2 of my good friends from my Chapter. It was great to take on the small, hotel convention with them. The intimate size of the convention allowed me to meet some new people.

Kallah is all about Judaism. The whole weekend was centered around exploring our personal Judaism. The convention's theme was Hineni - here I am. Overall, the convention allowed me to think deeply about Judaism in ways I hadn't thought before.

On Saturday night, we had a dance. Nobody gets dressed up, everybody wears a t-shirt and shorts. I decided to go all out for the Israel theme. I felt like a barber spinning pole in my blue and white striped tights. The Hannukah shirt is hilarious to me.

This week has been Homecoming week. My friend, Catie, and I came up with our outfits a few weeks ago. Our outfits are totally excessive and amazing in every way possible. I plan on doing a more in depth Homecoming week outfits post next week. The themes were twin day, decades day, superhero day, America day, and T day.

I started being on a leadership committee this week. Looking over the calendar of all the events for the year got me so excited. We have our first event in a month. It'll be exciting to get to experience an event from the behind the scenes perspective. I know a few people on the committee, but not a lot, so I'm excited to get meet more people.

To add to the excitement, I began tech crew. I cleaned up the scene shop along with a few other newbies. So far, tech crew seems like it'll be fun. The current tech crew is in the middle of a show, so we start doing actual tech crew activities next week. I'm going to have to work on balancing my schedule in order to do everything I need to get done.

Hopefully next week is as fun as this week.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Slip-On Shoes Under $100

I've been loving the trend of the slip on shoe. They're perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. Lately in Atlanta, it has felt like Spring weather with temperatures getting up into the high 60s I'm loving the weather change. These shoes will serve well during the transitional times of the season.
 Clockwise 1 (The pattern is giving me heart eyes) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 (Adorable) / 10 (I'm obsessed) / 11 / 12 (Such a steal)

Which pair is your favorite? Are you in love with this trend?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ways to be Politically Active

This past election season was crazy to say the least. With the Inauguration tomorrow, I compiled a list of things you can do to be politically active.

Know what's going on in the world.

Find out what your elected officials are voting on.

Register to vote.

How to talk to your elected officials.

How to get your elected officials to act.

March in the women's march.

Report sexism in the media.

Put restrooms available for all on the map.

Help immigrants learn English or prepare for the citizenship test.

Assist immigrants with legal help.

Report discrimination.

Support women in office.


I want to be an active volunteer in the causes I'm passionate about, and I want to voice my opinions to my elected officials. How are you going to be politically active?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stylish Lifestyle Sneakers

I absolutely love the trend of lifestyle sneakers. They're great for being on the go and looking stylish. I've wanted a pair for a long time and am waiting for these to come back in my size. I can't wait to wear them around town.

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Workout Wear

Lots of people choose to "get into shape" or something like that as one of their resolutions for the year. It's always more exciting to do something if you have a new outfit or supplies. I've gathered up some workout wear to keep you energized to work out.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Club Books for 2017

It's always interesting to see what people want to read. I decided to create a list that would be perfect for book clubs. I've read some of these books, but I can't help but put them on this list. Some of these are inspirational while others are sad. I have chosen a variety of books for you to consider. Maybe I'll turn this into an actual book club.

Are there any books you would read? Should I turn it into a monthly virtual book club?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Planners

Planners, agendas, or whatever you call them are excellent for helping you remember all the things you need to get done. I personally use a school year planner from Day Designer's collaboration with Target. I love it so much that I'm considering getting the real deal next year. If you've been holding out on getting a planner for the new year in hopes of a clearance sale, these are the perfect options. They might not be on sale yet, but you'll want to snap them up as soon as they go on sale.

They're all so pretty. Let me know which one you decide to get.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank You Notes

I'm a little late on sending out my thank you notes this year for the holidays. I figured that these beautiful cards would help people forgive me. If it isn't obvious enough, I'm obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. They always manage to have the cutest items. My aunt owns a stationary store that carries their products. I wish I could be a contestant where you win everything that fits into a shopping cart. A girl can dream, right? I hope you like these thank you cards enough for you to use them.

All of the above card // Chalkboard floral card // Calligraphy card // Gold foil card // Merci beaucoup card // Muchas gracias card // Blue floral card // Thanks postcard

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Favorite Products of 2016

I have gathered some of my favorite products from 2016. I have many favorites, but I decided to show only my absolute favorites. Its always so much fun to see what other people consider to be their favorites. I've been able to discover so many products that I enjoy because of other blogs like mine.

Camera // Rain Boots // Record Player // Chacos

Camera // I've wanted a DSLR to call my own for years. I finally got the guts to buy it. I absolutely love messing around with it. The video part of it has become a fast favorite. I paid around $450 so I feel like the money saving queen.

Rain Boots // I've worn either my rain boots or my Chacos for 90% of the year. I absolutely love these shoes. They look stylish while keeping my feet protected from the rain. It is hard to find leggings that don't have an awkward 1/2 inch area in between the leggings and the boots. I'm pretty sure these boots have been discontinued since it took me a while to find a pair of these online.

Record Player // I've always loved the look of record players and absolutely love having one around. The quality is amazing, but I haven't figured out how to connect it to speakers through blue tooth. My friends love picking out records for us to play when we're together. This is something that I know will be used for years to come.

Chacos // I've been obsessed with Chacos ever since my first year at camp. Every summer, I make it my goal to get a Chaco tan better than last year with the hopes of the tan staying for the whole year. The colors in this pair look amazing and match with so many things in my closet.

What are your favorites for the year? Anything I should check out?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Adventures for 2017

Lately, I've been hearing all this talk about people deciding to set goals this year instead of resolutions. I think that is great and all, but I don't want to beat myself up if I don't want to reach my goal. That would happen for me but not necessarily for them. The idea of creating adventures came to me one day when I was thinking of all the things I want to do this year.

Find a physical activity I enjoy.
Make my voice heard.
Go tubing.
Watch the sunrise.
Watch the sunset.
Try new restaurants.
Read more.
Find/create a blog design I love.
Blog every day for a month.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coffee Table Books

Humans of New York: Stories // Portraits // 36 Hours: USA & Canada // Things Organized Neatly // Fortune Telling Book of Colors // Where's Warhol? // It // Post Secret // Kahlo // The Grand Budapest Hotel // Underwater Dogs

I gathered up some gorgeous books that would look amazing. I have a few of these books that are stunning in real life. Its going to be so exciting when I'm old enough to decorate a coffee table.

Humans of New York: Stories // This beautiful book features photos with captions from the hit Instagram account. Everyone will surely love flipping through this book.

Portraits // This book gathers some of the most well known pictures together. I personally have this book and love that I can see where the pictures were taken.

36 Hours: USA & Canada // The New York Times publishes a section that is a hit among travelers. This book will inspire you to travel all of the U.S. and Canada.

Things Organized Neatly // This book is absolutely beautiful. The amount of time that it must've taken to create the photographs is insane.

Fortune Telling Book of Colors // This book will allow you to know more about color theory and your friends. I love showing this to guests to see if their favorite colors matches up with their zodiac sign.

Where's Warhol? // Anybody with a love for Where's Waldo? will absolutely adore this book. The drawings are remarkable and somewhat difficult to see Warhol in.

It // This book shows beautiful pictures and glimpses at life as Alexa Chung. The simpleness of the book makes it all the more memorable.

Post Secret // This book features anonymous secrets sent on postcards. The postcards are mesmerizing with all the work that goes into decorating them.

Kahlo // This book features beautiful painting of Frieda Kahlo. You could rip out the pages and frame them, thats how pretty they are.

The Grand Budapest Hotel // This book features incredible illustrations and stills of Wes Anderson's iconic movie. Any movie buff would geek out if they saw this.

Underwater Dogs // You'll be laughing the whole time you're flipping through the book. Maybe, your dog will become the next model.

I hope y'all enjoy these books.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pretty School Supplies

Clear Highlighters - Unicorn Eraser - Grammar Pencils - Clear Stapler - Le Pens - Jumbo Sticky Notes - Laptop Sleeve - Pencil Case - S'well Bottle - Day Designer - Stickers - Mouse Pad - Marble Journal - Patch Paint Notebook - Metallic Journal (Smaller Size) -  Metallic Journal (Bigger Size)

I gathered up some school supplies to cheer you on during this semester. Getting new school supplies can motivate you to do school work.

Clear Highlighters // These highlighters will help you see what you're highlighting. I need these as I always go past what I want to highlight.

Unicorn Eraser // This eraser is so cute and sure to put a smile on your face.

Grammar Pencils // These pencils will help you get into the school spirit. Your English teacher will be proud to know you're using what they've taught you.

Clear Stapler // This stapler is so pretty to the eyes. You could have it out in the open without feeling embarrassed.

Le Pens // These pens always get rave reviews. The seemingly limitless colors will allow your notes to look like a happy rainbow.

Jumbo Sticky Notes // This sticky note pad would serve you well sitting on a desk to jot down quick notes.

Laptop Sleeve // Your laptop will look stylish while being protected.

Pencil Case // This pencil case looks Kate Spade inspired while keeping the budget in mind.

S'well Bottle // You'll be sure to stay hydrated with this stylish water bottle.

Day Designer // With a page for each day, you'll never forgot anything.

Stickers // These stickers will look great on your planner.

Mouse Pad // This mouse pad will look stylish while being useful.

Marble Journal // This journal will go perfectly with the  S'well Bottle.

Patch Paint Notebook // This notebook is sure to be noticed.

Metallic Journal // This notebook is super on trend.

I would be inspired to get work done if I had these supplies.

Monday, January 2, 2017

How to Have a Great Semester

The beginning of a new semester is always exciting. You get to see your friends and start new classes. After a few weeks the semester begins to get a little dull. Follow these tips to guarantee success in the new semester.

Take classes that interest you // If you're interested in a class, you're bound to do well in it. Don't just take any art class, take a painting class if it feeds your soul. Find classes that capture your attention while filling the requirements. If you're required to take a class, try and find a good teacher that helps you feel excited about the class.

Use your planner // Write down everything as soon as you know it. This way you'll be on top of things and not scramble to finish your assignments at the last second. Use different colored pens or sticky notes to keep you jazzed. Get a new planner if you want.

Get new school supplies // New school supplies always get me excited to do work. Go online and order artsy stationary or Japanese pens. You'll be excited to do work for at least a few days. Plus, you can use them to decorate your planner.

Clean your study area // Get rid of all the junk so you can start studying. What you might find in your study area might surprise you. Maybe you'll be lucky and find a $20 bill. You can decorate the area after you've cleaned it as a reward.

Take time for yourself // Be sure to relax and focus on yourself. You need some love if you plan on being a stellar student. Your body is going to get worn down and have a break down if you don't spend time taking care of it every now and then. Make a healthy salad or put on a face mask. Just spend time on yourself.

School shouldn't be your life // School should never be your life. You need to enjoy life. Hang out with friends if it makes you happy. Take a break from studying to be with your friends.  You'll come back energized.

Hope these tips will help you have a productive semester.