Friday, January 27, 2017

Step Into My Week: Kallah and Tech Crew

Happy Friday! I love reading about what my favorite bloggers do in their lives off the screen. Prep In Your Step publishes a weekly recap of her week. I love the idea and couldn't help but make it a weekly tradition.

This week was crazy busy. I was constantly in the car trying to get to all the things I had to get done. I'm relieved to see the weekend coming near as this week has flown by. I'm excited for the weekend as I have 2 dances. Hopefully, next week isn't as crazy as this week was.

Over the weekend, I had Kallah for BBYO. I got to room with 2 of my good friends from my Chapter. It was great to take on the small, hotel convention with them. The intimate size of the convention allowed me to meet some new people.

Kallah is all about Judaism. The whole weekend was centered around exploring our personal Judaism. The convention's theme was Hineni - here I am. Overall, the convention allowed me to think deeply about Judaism in ways I hadn't thought before.

On Saturday night, we had a dance. Nobody gets dressed up, everybody wears a t-shirt and shorts. I decided to go all out for the Israel theme. I felt like a barber spinning pole in my blue and white striped tights. The Hannukah shirt is hilarious to me.

This week has been Homecoming week. My friend, Catie, and I came up with our outfits a few weeks ago. Our outfits are totally excessive and amazing in every way possible. I plan on doing a more in depth Homecoming week outfits post next week. The themes were twin day, decades day, superhero day, America day, and T day.

I started being on a leadership committee this week. Looking over the calendar of all the events for the year got me so excited. We have our first event in a month. It'll be exciting to get to experience an event from the behind the scenes perspective. I know a few people on the committee, but not a lot, so I'm excited to get meet more people.

To add to the excitement, I began tech crew. I cleaned up the scene shop along with a few other newbies. So far, tech crew seems like it'll be fun. The current tech crew is in the middle of a show, so we start doing actual tech crew activities next week. I'm going to have to work on balancing my schedule in order to do everything I need to get done.

Hopefully next week is as fun as this week.