Thursday, February 2, 2017

Homecoming Week

Homecoming week was an absolute blast. I loved dressing up in crazy costumes. I definitely took the themes much farther than most people at my school. It was always fun to see what people came up with for each day.

Monday was twin day. My friend Catie and I decided to match all week, so we celebrated twin day everyday. For the actual twin day, we went with a mermaid theme. Both of us had green scaley leggings. Mine were way too tall for me. I had to roll them up a ton in order for them to fit right. Catie made us seashell tank tops. They were so pretty. I would have thought they were from a store. The glitter made the tops perfect. Our costumes for twin day were totally out of this world.

Tuesday was decades day. Both of us are big Gilmore Girls fans. I'm not done with the series, but I knew we had to do something with Gilmore Girls. I was Rory while Catie was Lorelai. For my costume, I basically copied this look. Catie brought us coffee cups for us to carry around and it totally made the costume spectacular.
Wednesday was super hero day. We went as Batman. Catie made the Batman costumes. The shirts had a Batman logo on them, the cape had the batman logo, and we had the classic Batman belt. Sadly, the batman belt was too big for me, so I couldn't wear it. You could really see the attention to detail.

Thursday was America day. America day was my favorite. We went all out for this day. Both of us had on matching American flag leggings. They were surprisingly really comfortable. We paired the leggings with a t-shirt that had Abraham Lincoln on it. I wore some American flag socks to complete the look. This was by far my favorite costume.

Friday was T day. Each grade was assigned a letter. Catie and I decided to wear tie dye for T day. We got tie dye leggings. The leggings were crazy long, but I loved them. I would totally wear the leggings around my house. I paired the leggings with a white t-shirt to help balance out the intensiveness of the leggings.
I loved Homecoming week. It was so much fun to pick out what I was going to wear each day. I'm not sure if next year's outfits will be as elaborate. Maybe, they'll be even more elaborate?


  1. This is so cute:) Enjoy these fun dress-up days - they will be over before you know it!!!


    1. I love them. I'm already sad for when I graduate.