Friday, February 3, 2017

Step Into My Week: BBYO and Homecoming

Its crazy to think we're already in February. This year is always flying by. The first half of the year always seems to disappear right before my eyes. I'm super excited for February. I have a weekend trip this month that I've been waiting all year for.

On Friday, I had mystery Shabbat for BBYO. It was so fun. I got to hang out with people I don't normally hang out with. It was funny to watch all people compete against each other to see who knows each other best.

Before Homecoming, I got sushi with my friends, Emma, Sylvie, Revell, and Catie. The food was super good. Sylvie went to Japan and was super knowledgeable about sushi, so she told everyone what to order. My friends all loved their food. It's pretty weird to think that 3 people who don't eat fish went to a sushi restaurant. We had tons of fun chatting.

Homecoming was James Bond themed and was a complete blast. After a little while of dancing, my friends and I ended up playing Black Jack. It was tons of fun. We ended up spending most of the dance playing Black Jack. Although, I missed the homecoming games for the mystery Shabbat, I loved the dance.

Sunday was spent cleaning my room. I got rid of so much junk that has been in my room for ages. During my cleaning, I ended up changing up the furniture locations in my room. I'm loving the new set up.

I ended the weekend with a volunteer workshop. A few of my friends were able to make it. We ended up playing Watch Ya Mouth for a while. It was hilarious to watch us try and decipher what each other was saying. Walking away from the workshop, I felt way more excited to volunteer.

The school week has been a pretty chill week. I haven't had a lot of school work this week, so its been super relaxing. I'm sure its going to start getting crazy next weekend again.


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    1. Thanks! I hope you keep reading this weekly column.

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