Friday, February 10, 2017

Step Into My Week: AJFF and Hiking

This week was a pretty good week. While the weekend was chill, the week was anything but chill. I was all over the place this week rushing from one thing to another.

I spent the whole weekend hanging out at my house. I needed a good "me" weekend after being go go for so long. I ended up going for a hike. The view was absolutely beautiful. I was surprised to see so many people hiking. I had a ton of homework that I had to get done. It felt so good to complete my to do list.

For French class, I was able to see Fanny on Sunday as part of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. The film was absolutely stunning. I was surprised that I understood so much of the movie without subtitles. Sadly my teacher couldn't be at the movie, but I loved immersing myself in the French environment. If you can see the movie, you have to go see it.

In French club, we watched a different movie. I'm not sure what its called as I came in a little late. The story was absolutely entertaining about a man being the caretaker of another man. I'm excited to finish the movie soon.

I had a volunteer program on Monday night. We talked about homelessness. It was saddening to hear some facts I didn't know about homelessness. It definitely makes me want to do more with homeless advocacy.

Tech Crew had a meeting on Tuesday. All of us got to talk about our expectations are for this semester. We got to lash out what we wanted to change and how we can change. I'm excited to see how this comes about.

The rest of the week was pretty chill with a few meetings here and there. I have a jam packed weekend, so you'll have to see what I did next Friday.

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