Monday, March 6, 2017


I'm super excited to announce that Gold Clutter is officially a .com. I had decided that I would make a reality after reaching my page view goal. I'm so proud to announce that I've beaten that goal by more than 250+ pages in 2 days.

Having a URL with a .com makes Gold Clutter appear more professional. I'm excited to see where this new era of Gold Clutter goes. I can already imagine some of whats to come and I'm even more excited for what will be a surprise.

After changing Gold Clutter to a .com, I looked Gold Clutter up on on Google to find it was the top 2 search results. Back in the beginning of January, you couldn't see it on the first page. Hopefully, it will cover the entire first page one day. Its amazing to think how much the blog has grown in a matter of 2 months.