Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Break Essentials

I've gathered up everything you need to be prepared for your Spring break at the beach. The beach life is the simple life, so don't fret about not having everything. Just remember to pack sunscreen and you'll be fine. I made the mistake of not wearing sunscreen for a day. Oh boy, that was a bad decision.

When the Taylor Swift picture went viral, everyone needed a pool float. Well, everyone still needs a pool float. This pink flamingo will stand out in the water.

Beach bags are essential for making sure all your stuff doesn't get covered in sand. This beach bag has such an adorable pattern.

Shorts are a must for Spring break. With hot weather, you need a pair of jean shorts on hand. Levi's has been a classic for decades that everyone and their mother adores.

Swimsuits are an essential if you're going swimming, obviously. This one is gorgeous. Check out more amazing options here.

The lace-up sandal is still going strong. This pair is absolutely adorable and is super easy to put on and take off.

Water bottles are essential to avoid dehydration. S'well has so many options to choose from and this one is catching my eye

Sunglasses are an essential for the sun. Everyone seems to adore this style, but you can see even more options here.

Beach towels are a must. This beach towel that says "I am fun" will stand out among the sea of towels.

Coverups are great for when you're done with the beach. Whenever you throw one on, you're instantly look resort casual.

Avoid getting burnt with sunscreen. An all natural type like this one will not only keep you protected but will keep you safe.

Deodorant is necessary if you're out in the sun all day. This all natural type comes in tons of different scents. You'll definitely find one you like.

A hat will help keep sun rays off your face. This floppy hat says "Hello Sunshine." Nobody will take your hat by mistake.

Speakers are great for playing music. This one is portable and is so small it can fit almost anywhere. Play your favorite Spotify playlist and you'll definitely have a great time.

What are your Spring break essentials? What are you doing for Spring break?


  1. Love that beach hat! Such a great roundup!


  2. Yeeessss all of these are important! Plus some Aloe for when your sunscreen doesn't work good enough. Haha!
    Also that hat and towel are ADORABLE! Definitely adding them to my Spring wish list!

    1. Aloe is definitely a must have. I'm obsessed with the towel.