Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Lust List

April Lust List
I realized recently that I haven't bought any clothes since August. That's why, I decided to focus on products this month. The Kermit hat is adorable. I love how he's drinking sweet tea. #justsouthernthings The hand soaps are my favorite. I admit that they're a little creepy. They make me smile, though. This whole list makes me smile. May is going to have a difficult time topping this.

Giant Sticky Note // Sequin Pillow // Soap Hands // Rainbow Fire // Kermit Hat // Fringe Sandals // Little Book of Hygge // Poo Pourri // Decision Maker


  1. I like how you called your April Favourites your "List List". With that being said, I do like the sticky pad.��

    BBB x