Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Graduation Gifts for High School Seniors

Graduation Gifts for Seniors High school is wrapping up or nearing completion for Seniors. With the end of the year, Senior year festivities normally include graduation parties to allow Seniors to celebrate with their friends. This year, some of my friends are Seniors, and I'm already devastated for when they leave in August and September. To make me less sad about them leaving, I decided to get them graduation gifts. While I was brainstorming gifts for them, I came up with a list of several other ideas.

No matter where the Senior goes to college, they're going to need money. They're going to be exploring their new home for the next four years, and will want to go to every restaurant, bar, and clothing store in sight. To help make the first year less stressful, give them money to spend on something they enjoy.

Gift cards are a great option if you want the Senior to spend money on something they enjoy but in a specific category. To help make the gift more meaningful, you could research restaurants or stores the college students normally go to in the town of their college, and buy a gift card for them. It will be a helpful way for them to explore their new home. Amazon, Target, grocery store, and gas station gift cards always make great gifts that will definitely be used.

Quarters for Laundry
Most schools have laundry machines that you have to pay per wash. Save the Senior one less errand the week before they leave for college, and get them $10-25 worth of quarters. That will be sure to last them a long time, and will give you an excuse to not do their laundry.

T-shirt blanket
Make a quilted blanket from their favorite t-shirts. Whenever they get homesick at college, they will be sure to remember you as they curl up in their blanket. Several companies make them or you can make it yourself. Try and do a variety of t-shirts from all the different activities they've done in their high school career.

Monthly Delivery
Get the Senior a monthly delivery to surprise them when they first get to school. Receiving mail always puts a smile on someone's face so why not send them a package. You could get someone to deliver a home cooked meal of their favorite food, fresh flowers, or baked goods. If you're making food or getting it made, be sure to order enough food for the Senior to share with their new friends.

Metro/bus card
Depending on where the Senior goes to school, they will need a metro card or bus card to get around town. Save them the trouble of having to figure it out while on the way to their 8am, and get them a pre-loaded metro card. If you're able to, you should make highlight a map showing the different routes they will probably need to take. It will definitely come in handy during the first few weeks of the school year.

Card/Board Games
The first few weeks of college are a time when it's common to get homesick and meet new friends. Help them play old childhood favorites with their new pals by getting a card game or a board game. Pair the game with a few sweets to make the perfect game night.

Oh, the Places You'll Go Signed
A few years ago a Pinterest pin went viral where a dad got all his daughter's teachers to sign Oh, the Places You'll Go starting in Kindergarten. While you might not be able to get Kindergarten teachers, get the Seniors favorite high school teachers to sign the book. Years down the road, they will treasure the book as one of their favorite mementos from high school.

College Survival Kit
Pack a box with everything you think the Senior might forget at home or little surprises to open in the first few weeks. Pack a spare toothbrush, laundry detergent, and extra shampoo and conditioner in a box to put a smile on the Seniors face in dire times. If you want to be nice, sneak in some money, a gift card, or a voucher for something at a later date to be extra meaningful.

Printed Instagram photos
Print out pictures from the Seniors Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or personal library. You can arrange them in a scrapbook, order them in a photo book, or leave them as is. They will love looking at some of their favorite high school memories whenever they're feeling homesick.

Goodnight Dorm Room
This adorable book is an adaption on Goodnight Dorm Room. The book combines the simplicity of the original with tips for college to make a beautifully illustrated book that will prepare Seniors for college. I might have to order the book for myself after seeing how adorable it is.

Personalized Necklace
Order the Senior a personalized necklace. You could personalize it with their high school's name or hometown. Additionally, you could do the coordinates instead of names. They will always have a little piece of home with them whenever they're walking around campus.

Hopefully you were able to find a gift to get your Senior. Let me know in the comments down below what you end up getting them. If you're graduating this year, what do you want? If you've already graduated, what do you wish you got?

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