Friday, May 5, 2017

Step Into My Week: Inman Park Festival and High Museum

This week has been a great week. I've been able to spend a lot of time with friends. I love getting to be with my friends. Great times with amazing people make for a superb time.

The weekend was an absolute blast. My sister and I stayed in painting on Friday. She made the cutest painting that was absolutely gorgeous. She's way more talented than me at painting. I love seeing what she creates. It's always amazing.
I went with my dad and sister to the Inman Park festival on Saturday. We sadly didn't get to see much art. Luckily, my dad got one of his favorite meals from a pickle food truck. I ended up getting a rice bowl with veggies. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. The festival always gives off the best vibes. I love seeing happy people, beautiful music, and amazing weather.

We went to Ponce City Market for snack on Saturday. My sister and dad got raspberry gelato from Honeysuckle Gelato. It's the best. I got a mushroom bao from the place next door. I love their buns. They always taste amazing.
After a quick snack, we went on the Beltline. We planned on going for a walk for a few minutes. It ended up being an hour. We walked to Piedmont Park. It's so cool how you can walk all over Atlanta because of the Beltline. It totally reminds me why Atlanta has my heart. #ATLiens
 Sunday was a great day. We went to the High. I love the High. My dad got a family membership a few weeks ago. Needles to say, I'll be going way more often. It always gives me tons of inspiration. The top floor has a modern art collection that I could daydream in for hours. I love the art in that area. The High has this amazing mirror that enchants me whenever I see it.

To end the weekend, I went to a painting class. It was one of those classes where the teacher tells you the instructions for painting. It was my second time doing a class like it. I had a great time. We made paintings of flowers in vases.

For some random reason, I didn't have homework on Monday night. I was totally happy with that. I decided to bake a cake for an extra credit assignment. I forgot to add water to the box mix. It turned out very interesting. The top completely puffed up and then instantly fell down when it came out of the oven. I need to make a new one, since I wasn't able to use that one.

On the way to school, I saw some ducks and the mama goose walking across the road. It was incredibly adorable. All the traffic stopped to watch. I hope it happens again. Baby ducks are so fuzzy and look so happy.

Theater ended early on Wednesday, so a bunch of my friends and I hung out. It was great to be together. The weather was absolutely beautiful outside. I love the weather in May. It's the perfect temperature.

Overall, it was a great week. This week really showed me how amazing my friends are. I'm totally pumped for the next few weeks. I know they're going to be amazing.

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