Monday, October 2, 2017

Septmeber Lust List

September Lust List

This lust list is a really special one. I was able to use my Wacom tablet to make it. The lettering on it is from the tablet. How cool? My sister has the prettiest handwriting, so I asked her to write September Lust List. After seeing how amazing the blog post looked, I asked her to make a logo. I love how it turned out. Be on the lookout for more handwriting in blog posts.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the gold wedges from Free People. They're made from vegan leather, so that's making me really happy. The shoe looks like it has a lot of support, which is amazing because wedges normally hurt my feet from their little support.

I never know what to do with my phone when I have leggings on. I can't put it into a pocket. Well, I found the answer. Lululemon makes leggings with a side pocket. It's the perfect spot to store my phone and some cash. I definitely want them.

I'm in love with espadrilles. I love how they can look fancy and casual depending on their style. These espadrilles look perfect for everyday wear. I also love how they add a little bit of height. They'll help a short girl out to not stand out in a crowd. Well, it's more like not get lost in a crowd.

All the finds this month are so cute. I really want to order the leggings to use whenever I go on a run in the neighborhood. The star set would be so cute for a night out. I'm madly in love with stripes, so I completely adore both the striped tops. What have you been loving this month?


  1. thank you so much for sharing- I love the leggings!!

    xo, jordan

  2. Those leggings are amazing, and loving that striped tee <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. I'm obsessed with stripes, so the tee is definitely on my wish list!