Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Summer Vision Board

School's wrapping up and summer's right around the corner. I'm stoked for all that I have going on this summer. I'm going to be super busy but I love being busy as I'm most productive when I'm busy. I'll post a list of everything I'm doing this summer in the near future. I'm figuring out some travels right now so I'll update y'all when I can.

I was on YouTube the other day when my sidebar featured a video about vision boards. I randomly clicked on it after resisting the concept for years. I was so impressed by the video's idea. I don't fully believe how it will revolutionize your life but I think it's a good way to visualize what you want to do. I ended up watching all the videos Olivia made on vision boards before deciding to make one for myself.

I followed Olivia's advice and wrote down some things I'd like to accomplish in the next few months, some actions I'd like to integrate into my life, and other goals I'd like to do. I picked out which goals were the most important for me to do in the coming months and set to work. I followed Olivia's advice and scouted Pinterest for pictures that fitted the vibe I was going for. I then uploaded my pictures to Canva and played around with them until I got a layout I liked. I uploaded the layout into VSCO to give the pictures a similar filter to help them look more cohesive.
Summer Vision
I feel like its very aesthetically pleasing since I tried to grab pictures in the same color scheme to help make it look uniform. I'm over the moon with what I created. I considered ordering a large print of it from Costco but I didn't find pictures in high enough quality to make it worth it. When I do this again, I'm going to focus on finding pictures in high quality.

You're probably wondering what all these pictures stand for. Well, I'm here to tell ya. Dinner parties have been on my brain recently. I don't whether it's having all the people you love around you, the delicious meal, or the conversation that seems the most magical to me. No matter what, I want to throw dinner parties. They can be potluck or themed. Whatever they are, I'm excited.

I want to create a dedicated exercise routine. I've been doing a mixture of running and walking on the treadmill lately. I turn on a YouTube video and run for one video and then walk for the next video. While I love that I'm exercising, I want to make the most of Atlanta's outdoors during the summer. I'm hoping to start a yoga practice through all the free yoga sunset sessions.

In addition to exercising, I'm hoping to spend more time hiking. I love the feeling of being in nature on the trails. It's so tranquil. I just got news today I'm going on a trip that will involve a decent amount of hiking. Cannot wait to be on the trails.

I love books. Books allow you to see the world from a new perspective and gain knowledge. I want to focus more of my energy on reading. I got frustrated at the lack of books I've read for pleasure in high school so I purchased some books to read a few months. I have a good stack of books to get through that excite me, which is awesome. I also have a ton of summer reading so I know I'll be spending a good portion of the summer with my nose in a book.

I want to live in the moment. I'm such a planner. Google Calendar is my #1, jk. But for real, so much of what I do is planned ahead. I want to have more adventures that come out of nowhere. I want to road trip to the middle of Georgia for no apparent reason. I want to stay up late goofing off with my friends. I want to say yes more. I want to go on adventures just for the sake of it.

I'm a travel gal. I love exploring new places and seeing the world from a different vantage point. I'm stoked about all the places I'm going this summer. I cannot wait to see all the adventures I go traveling to new places.

This summer is going to be epic. I can't wait to look back in a few months and reflect on all the incredible experiences I had. Here's to going for it, adventuring, dinner parties, and reading more. 

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