Thursday, June 27, 2019

Recent Finds

I've done some shopping recently in preparation for what I have coming up for the rest of the summer.  I don't own a ton of business-y clothing, so I'm in the process of building a small wardrobe for the Jewish Studies program I'm doing. Ladies, I've just gotta say this, clothing is so expensive. I've been making a conscious to make sure I love everything I buy, but I can't stop thinking about how expensive it is. It'll last though! Also, please utilize your local alterations place. Mine has come in such frequent use lately. I'm just a short gal living in a tall girl's closet. Or that's what it seems like. But for real, y'all, alterations are the bomb digity.

If you're a Lululemon fan and short, you've gotta become an Iviva stan. Ivivva is Lululemon's brand for tweens and teens that sells a bunch of their women's styles for cheap. Well, not cheap, but cheaper. Plus, they have free alterations! Alterations are expensive but oh so worth it. All I'm saying is when a place has free alterations, please appreciate them. In the end, I ended up going with two pairs of leggings as I needed long leggings. I got the rhythmic tight in luxtreme and the rhythmic tight in brushed. I honestly can't tell you which is which, but one of them is more of a wear around the house material and the other is an exercise compression legging. They're both at alterations as I type so I can't talk about them besides the five minutes I wore them for. I'm happy with my purchase, and I can't wait to possibly run in them.
My mom was browsing Madewell's site and found this denim shirtdress. I love how versatile of a dress it is. You can dress it up or wear it more casual. I'm digging items that can be fancied up for my business clothing days but also worn more casual. It has a pocket that I think would be perfect for stuffing with wildflowers. When I saw the dress, I had this vision of me wearing the dress leaning against a bike and holding a straw bag with flowers poking out. If I wanted to have a photo shoot, I think it would be a cute photo shoot.
I've been looking for a denim jacket for forever. I mean f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Seriously, I've been looking for so long. This girl in my advisory always wear a denim jacket, and I think she looks so put together every time. Will this denim jacket make me look put together? Probably not, but I still want it.
Long story short, I found out I needed a maxi dress in less than a week. If you know the Instagram account @TargetDoesItAgain, you know that name is serious because Target Did It Again. I ended up with a few contenders but settled on this colorful striped masterpiece. Also, it has a square neck, which is so cute to me.
I've owned one swimsuit for the last few summers. I felt like it was time I buy another swimsuit. I ended up ordering two from Target and I love them both. I got a blue striped bikini that has awesome texture. I'm not crazy about the back of the bikini, but I love the pattern. I also got a bikini top that has metallic gold stripes. Now, I just need to go swimming.
Time to mix up this roundup! I lost my Chacos so my Grandma gave me her old pair to wear in the meantime. The meantime was supposed to be short but ended up being almost a year. Well, now that time is over because I got a pair of Chacos. I got the classic Z2 in black.
I'm so excited to wear all this clothing as I know they're going to get a ton of use. I'm thinking about going swimming tonight. Maybe, going for a run tomorrow. The jean jacket and denim dress will be getting their fair share of use in Israel. I've worn the Chacos every single day since I've gotten them. I think I'm wearing the denim dress to services on Friday.