Monday, July 15, 2019

Desk Inspiration

My mom recently moved to a new house. I'm super excited about it as my room is currently a blank canvas besides the bedframe. With all of my items packed up in boxes, I'm itching to pick out a bookshelf and desk to keep my items stored on. I've been scrolling Pinterest for inspiration lately.

My room has incredible lighting as I have a big window that light streams in through all day. I love natural lighting! My walls are painted white which just makes the natural lighting bounce off the walls. My lighting situation is seriously so great.

With my white walls, I'm drawn to white desks to keep the room feeling light and airy. I really like the openness of the room. I've been loving white desks with monochrome displays over the desks. I think my room will have a bit more color than some of these pictures, but I still really love the vibe they give off.
I love the G print. I think it would be cool to do a monthly calendar in this style. I think everything looks so put together. You have so much storage but it's not all shown. I really like the actual desk.
The picture hangy thing (I wish I knew what it was called) makes everything look neat and organized while still allowing color to be present. I think this would like nice in a smaller version underneath my desk. For a DIY version, I'm thinking I could do this with chicken wire.
I really like the desk's simple drawer. It looks like it might a bit shallow. I've always had a really deep desk as I like to spread out so the actual desk might not work for me. I think the gallery wall is a cute idea. Once again, I like how similar everything looks.
I love the simplicity of the design. It doesn't feel overcrowded. I have so many random pens, papers, and office supplies. I would have to find a creative way to store them if I did a setup like this.

I'm excited to see what direction I go with for my desk. Hopefully, I can get it all setup before school starts.


  1. These are lovely decor ideas indeed. That soft and comfy rug is definitely a must-have.
    Jessica |