Monday, July 8, 2019

My iPhone Case

My iPhone case broke a few months ago right before spring break. I duct-taped it together with plans to get a new one after spring break. Now, its the end of June, and I just I got a new case. You could say I'm a bit behind.

In my quest to find an iPhone case I had two requirements. First, it needed to fit my iPhone 8 Plus. Second, I needed to have some sort of phone wallet. Whenever I go places, I just carry my phone with my cards, keys, and water bottle. I like that I don't need to carry a wallet. Plus, it makes it super convenient with everything I need in one place.

After a bit of research, I quickly discovered I'd have to get the same case if I wanted a phone wallet. While I liked my old case, I didn't want to buy the same case. So, I came up with a creative solution. I could pick out any phone case and add a cardholder to the back.

I didn't want to cover my iPhone case with my card holder and not see any of the case. This meant I needed to get a single color case or a striped or polka dotted case. I decided to go with a single color case.

In the end, I chose Casemate's Tough Clear Case for iPhone 8 Plus. The case popped super easily onto my phone, which is awesome as some cases can be hard to finagle on. My school gave me a black card holder so I have that on there. While I would've loved a colorful case, I'm happy with my practical iPhone case.

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