Friday, April 3, 2020

On My Mind

Hiya. That feels a bit bright-faced. Let's start over. Hey. Nope, not working. Hello. It'll do. I'm not really sure how to emerge on the blog in the middle of this pandemic. We're living in a crazy, scary time right now. Coronavirus is impacting everyone's lives in so many ways. It's a strange time to be walking this planet.

Huge shoutout to all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff working to defeat this horrible disease. I am truly amazed by their bravery on the frontlines of this battle. The employees in the grocery store, mailmen, garbagemen, deliverymen, and pharmacists are all trying to ensure some sense of normalcy. Obviously, normalcy is subjective, but they're helping to ensure basic necessities can be bought. The teachers transforming their learning into online learning seemingly overnight are putting on brave faces for kids everywhere. The food pantries, shut down restaurants, and everyday citizens helping feed those who currently don't have food are providing such necessary services. The organizations helping many cope with job loss, decreased income, and the many other challenges this pandemic have created are helping so many in my community and in communities everywhere. The people at home making masks for healthcare workers are doing their part in helping fight this disease. This list could continue on about the wonderful people in the world helping others. I am so inspired by all that everyone is doing to help one another.

I'm inspired by my neighbors putting teddy bears for families to go on bear hunts, the people grocery shopping for the elderly and immunocompromised, the people working on lifesaving medicine. I'm inspired by the people of the world coming together during this time.